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Friday, July 15, 2011

More of those darned moon pics :)

Yes..... I was out admiring the moon again. :)

Went fishing with a couple of friends last night... we arrived at the little lake just as the sun was going down...

The lake is low due to the drought...

but the little beach made a nice spot for moon and star gazing. :)

As the sky darkened, I could feel the cool breeze from the water...... it made me forget about how brown and dry the land is around here..

It was actually a refreshing feeling just to be there, listening to the water lap against the shore... The cool breeze and the sound of water were hydrating my soul. :)

The coyotes yipped in the distance and I could hear ducks quacking at the other end of the lake. There were even a few frogs croaking near by. I'm thinking frog legs will be on the grill soon.. :)

Just my luck, the lightening bugs were out too...

I spent quite a bit of time playing with them.

Caught a few little fish but no frankenfish..

So I caught the least fish and the smallest fish, but I think I had the best time. I didn't want the night to end. :)


marc said...

I think you and I are lunar kin.

LindaG said...

Lovely pictures. Glad to hear you had a good time. :)

David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

I hope you get rains oon!

Tango Joe said...

A perfectly awesome way to spend an evening!

cowgirl said...

Marc I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. :)
Hope you enjoyed the full moon too!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! I really enjoyed being out there. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks David, keep your fingers crossed for me please. :)

cowgirl said...

Joe it was so awesome! :) I love that little lake but with the bright moon and the cool breeze, it seemed like an extra special night. :)

Anonymous said...

I on the other hand just got quite wet, Jeanie.

As this afternoon I rode the little ol' moped, a few mile down the road it started to pour again, grr. But I was on a mission.

Pest control!
I got to pick up two young Grauwe Gans (Anser anser) geese, the result from a pest control session this morning.

My first attempt at cleaning poultry. Unfortunately I don't have any butchering knives, yet, so it's gonna be messy;-).

The man who shot them usually goes for the easy way, breasting them, skinning back the legs. But I want to try one whole in our little oven/grill/microwave.

The second I will pluck partially. As I want to keep the skin on the breasts. Will probably skin back those legs.

Hopefully both are good and healthy, first time judging liver.

Any tips Jeanie?


P.S. When it is dry and hot we occasionally get opposing Moon and sun during sumer afternoons, quite counterintuitive.

Freddy said...

How many marriage proposals have you fielded through your site?

cowgirl said...

Donald your rain sounds great! :)
So do the geese... I'm sure however you prepare them, they will be tasty!
Only tip I have for the liver is to check the color, check for spots or discoloration or any damage.
I bet they are going to be delicious!
Thanks Donald...

cowgirl said...

Freddy, serious ones... maybe one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie, I was told to check the liver, by the huntsman I got them from. They looked okay to me, but i never eat liver;-)

The first I tried to clean completely, but I would say I failed, the skin still contains a lot of remains from both the large pins as well as small down and feathers, no idea how and if to try cleaning it further.

It took me hours. So I skinned the second one, it went quicker, but still took a long time, together it took me all night. Sure felt it in my joints, standing and walking all night, my poor legs;-).

I will post my email addy to you blogger mail, I'll send you a picture of the whole bird to see if it is salvagable, or I need to skin it instead.

Ironically, as I was preparing for the plucking, I heard a few bangs and geese flying overhead. Geese did show up here this week, must have been the first damagecontrol session here. I did go check it out, but nothing to see, houses block the view.


cowgirl said...

Donald that sounds like a lot of work! I bet you were tired!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was, I simply made too much work out of it, guess I am learning.

No wonder people who catch these on a regular basis just skin the breasts out of them. Like the guy I got them from, well he skins the legs as well, and that's what I did on the second one.

I learned that these aren't really pluckable, and that you just need to pluck the small area of the first cut, and skin the rest, but I wanted a bird I could shove in the oven.

That's not going to happen, so better fry these breasts up slowly in some butter, not having any goosefat. Not sure yet what to to with the legs, as classic recepy is 6 hour confit in goosefat.

So still have some cutting to do this afternoon, to rescue the meat from the bird lying in the fridge.

Now they better taste good after all the work;-).

Have a few other firsts coming up next week-end I am to bbq my first picanha, for my brother's birthday (my present), and there's big bag of terrace major pieces waiting for me at his place, wich he collected with the picanha order.

Those are most likely to be put in some butter though, as I am not an all weather bbq-er;-). Probably gonna freeze some as well, otherwise they'll go ba]d after I break the vacuum.

Have a good week, donald

Mrs. JP said...

I love you moonscapes! It looks like you had fun.

cowgirl said...

Donald I bet the goose breasts and legs tasted great!
Your birthday dinner for your brother sounds wonderful too. That's a nice gift! :)
I'm sure he will appreciate it.
Thanks Donald, hope you have a great week too. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mrs JP, I'm glad you aren't tired of seeing them. :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to do with the pair of legs i have in the fridge.

Just fried a couple of breasts today. Good meat, quite firm, especially compared to raised duck. A few pieces were a bit chewey.

cowgirl said...

Donald I bet those fried breasts were tasty! You're making me hungry. :)