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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Venison Backstrap, Sandhill Plum Sauce Breakfast

It was a bountiful summer here! The rains really brought on the wild sandhill plums, mulberries, morel mushroom, wild onions, etc.. I made full use of all of them.

Headed to the lake for a few days of camping..

Stopped by one of the many plum bushes, to gather a few for one of my venison meals at the lake..

I also brought some of my homemade sandhill plum jelly...

Started a skillet of tatoes on the fire first...

also some of the plums and a plump jalapeno pepper...

I brought some of the backstrap steaks from last rifle season, also a small roast that I sliced into steaks..
Steaks seasoned with coarse salt and cracked black pepper.  I like to keep em simple..

Not sure which cooks faster, the eggs or the venison steaks. They don't take long at all!

When the plums were tender, I smooshed them up a bit, then added some of my homemade jelly and sliced the jalapeno. It came out better than I thought it would. lol

Breakfast was ready!

Topped my venison with a bit of the plum sauce and called er good.

Venison backstrap steaks are some of my favorites, but topped with the sandhill plum sauce made it  special. I feel blessed to have access to both!

Summer went by too fast! The garden did well, even though the grasshoppers were thicker than usual. The ducks and chickens loved them.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Beef Cheek Tacos on the Comal

Been awhile since I got the comal out for a taco cook. It's so handy to use, I cook in the center and keep the food warm around the side til time to eat.

I use my fancy cooker, set a ring in the center to hold the comal steady.

I started with some onions.... I add a bit of oil to the top of the comal, the fry the onions..

Scooted the onions to the side and fried some peppers....

next came scallions and jalapenos...

then the beef cheek meat...

I  prepare the beef cheek meat in advance and keep in bagged and in the freezer for quick get togethers. I simmer the cheek meat with beef stock, onions, garlic, seasoned salt, onion powder, til tender. Then shred. 

Next came two batches of shrimp...
I just coated the shrimp in olive oil and seasoned well with coarse salt and cracked black pepper...

Lastly, the tortillas. I like small corn tortillas for this.

Add fixin's and supper is ready!

I had to go for one of each. Shrimp taco and a beef cheek taco...

Served with cold beer and plenty of napkins!

It was a beautiful evening...
We finished eating just as the storms rolled in.
Hope everyone is staying safe from the flooding and tornadoes!
Thanks for stopping by!