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Friday, October 29, 2010

One more breakfast fatty on the Pro... can't help it, I love them :)

I even used the same ingredients for my filling as I used with the last several fatties I've made..
Talk about no imagination! : p

I cooked a few minced onions and minced garlic in butter until tender, added my hash browns and cubed ham... let the filling cool and added shredded provolone and american cheese...then some bits of jalapeno pepper.
seasoned with salt and pepper...

used my fattie piston.. just because it's fun. :)

I let the tube of filling cool while rolling out my sausage inside of a 1 gallon baggie...

cut the baggie open and topped with the cooled filling.

made my bacon weave...

rolled and ready...

I sprinkled the top with cracked black pepper and placed into the Memphis Pro at 180 degrees for one hour then raised the heat to 325 for another hour and 45 minutes ...until the bacon was crisp.

I split, toasted and buttered an english muffin, topped each half with a slice of stuffed fattie..

added two easy over eggs...

then drizzled with fresh hollandaise sauce...

The hashbrown, onion, cheese, jalapeno stuffed fattie eggs benedict... (sort of).

This was my supper last night... I have plenty of left overs to last the weekend. I'm a happy girl! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buffalo Burgers and Smokey O Rings

I made some reverse sear buffalo burgers and smoked onion rings...

These weren't half bad. :)
I mixed 1 lb of buffalo burger with
1/2 lb beef
onion powder
minced onions
beef bouillon
worcestershire sauce
and seasoned salt

Wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with black pepper and smoked with hickory at 180 degrees F for one hour...

I added some sliced onions 30 minutes into the smoke...

removed the onions after 45 minutes and placed them into a baggie.

Made some interesting buns... I didn't have time to make buns so I used canned dinner rolls... rolled them out... buttered their tops and placed one on top of another to make one bun, then sprinkled them with minced onions..

Kicked the heat up in the Pro to 450F... added my buns while searing the buffalo burgers...

after baking my buns, I split and toasted them on the grill...

dusted the smoked onions rings with flour, then dipped in a beer batter for frying.

Beer batter

1 C flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

about one beer ( light beer works best for these)


I made a ketchup, adobo, chipotle sauce for the O rings.. it was tasty but covered the smokey flavor

The burgers and O rings were pretty tasty!

The funny little buns were tasty too, the only down side to them was the minced onions fell off the top...
I will make them again though... they were soft, smokey and pretty tasty! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just some random camping pics

From my last camping trip to the lake...

fried tatoes, bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast...

my favorite little fishing spot... even though I didn't catch one fish (or stick).

a stick in the water, trying to tempt me...

my little rocker by the fire...

a cold drink for the evening..
the koozie with opener idea came from a Texan... now I can open my beer by myself. lol

Several of the world's problems were solved here by the fire. :)

Can't wait to go again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hickory Smoked Scalloped Potatoes n Ham

One of my favorite things to smoke has to be potatoes... in any form. They take on the smokey flavor so well. :)

I scored and placed a ham in the Memphis Pro with some hickory...

made my potatoes by making a basic white sauce,

cooked minced onions and garlic in butter until tender...

added flour to the butter/onion/garlic mixture, the cooked over low heat stirring constantly to cook the "flour" flavor out..

added milk and seasonings... salt and pepper.

poured over my skillet of sliced potatoes and then topped with a bit of cheese...

into the smoker with the ham....

the potatoes take about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.. just smoke until tender and bubbly...

the only picture I got of the finished ham.

the smokey scalloped potatoes, ham, corn, cuc salad and slaw..

I know I've said it before but this might be one of my favorite meals. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling all Pellet Smokers ...or actually anyone else who's interested in smoking :)

Smoking Pal Big Poppa has a new smoking forum called .
It's getting off to a great start, there are a lot of talented smokers gathering there to exchange smoking recipes and ideas. Whether you are a pellet user or not, you might want to take a peek.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Venison Backstrap on the fire

These aren't the best pictures...

I have quite a bit of venison to use before deer season starts in November... so I threw a backstrap into the cooler to cook while camping this weekend.

after starting the fire, I spit some potatoes, added bacon and onion slices then seasoned with garlic, kosher salt and pepper. I dotted with butter before wrapping in foil.

I don't normally marinade a backstrap with the silver skin still on.. but I wanted to go I threw the whole thing into a bowl and covered it with dales marinade. Grabbed my fishing pole and let the meat marinade while I relaxed by the lake.

After fishing for a few hours I trimmed the backstrap....

then I seasoned the venison with some mystery seasoning that good friends in Texas (Larry and Bonnie) sent to me (their son lives in Japan). The seasoning has a sweet, ginger, star anise flavor... I'm not sure what it's normally used for but it's great on venison!

I also sprinkled the backstrap with a pepper blend from a talented smoking friend named Phesant. I had tried the pepper blend on some venison steaks earlier and really loved it!

started the tatoes first...

then the backstrap and a skillet of mushrooms with onion, garlic, kosher salt and butter....

removed the loin and let it rest...... skootched the potatoes and shrooms to the cool side of the fire while I grilled a couple of ribyeyes and made some fried hominy.

I fry a few pieces of bacon in a pot for the hominy, remove the bacon, add minced onions and cook until tender. Then add two cans of drained hominy, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes or cayenne to taste. Then add some butter to the pot then top with the crisp bacon...

It's not a great picture... the backstrap and some ribeye topped with shrooms, the baked potato, fried hominy and cole slaw.

It all tasted great... we decided you can't go wrong with two main dishes of meat and two side dishes topped with bacon. :)