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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bologna on White.

Sometimes nothing else will do!
A couple of times a year I have the urge for bologna and it has to be fried. I used the Blackstone griddle to fry up a few slices...with caramelized onions, crisp bacon and topped with a fresh egg from the hens.

slapped on a couple slices of white bread... griddle fried in the bacon drippin's...

It was messy but tasty!

I'm good for another 6 months. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snack Time! Venison Crostini, Garlic Wings, Boudin Balls, Chile Tempura, Italian Sausage Bites and Pork Cake Sliders

I've been in a rut as far as New Year's Eve snack ideas go. I usually make a Mini Crawdad Boil   ..but wanted to try something different. This year I requested help from some online cooking friends and they didn't let me down.

Talented cook Lynn shared her cheese stuffed Italian meatball recipe... Italian sausage stuffed with velveeta, then wrapped in bacon and smoked.

They were delicious! The combination of Italian sausage and cheese was tasty and the addition of bacon sent these over the top. :)

Amazing friend Sam shared his recipe for Venison Boudin Balls stuffed with pepperjack cheese and drizzled with Bang Bang Sauce..

rolled in an egg wash, then panko and fried til golden...

I didn't have home made venison boudin like Sam used so I used store bought boudin. They still turned out excellent! I think I love these things. :/ lol

Chicken wings are so tasty and easy to make, I should make them more often! Another talented friend Moose suggested his Garlic Sriracha Chicken Wings
I marinated them overnight..

smoked for a bit, then fried til crisp and tossed with the sauce...

I'll be makin' these again soon!

Hatch Chile aficionado, (and all round excellent chef), Adams suggested Tempura Battered Hatch Chile Strips with Chipotle Dipping Sauce..

I used some of my Hatch Chiles that I had blistered and bagged and placed in the freezer. I Peeled them, seeded then cut into strips...

I rolled the strips in flour, dipped in tempura batter then fried til golden.

I ate so many of these hot out of the fryer. They are addicting. :) 
The Chipotle sauce is something I make and keep on hand. Mayo, minced chipotle, adobo sauce, lemon juice, salt and sometimes minced onions. I keep it in a squeeze bottle. 

Friends Josh and hotch suggested I try Pork Cakes.  I did a bit of googling and found a recipe online.
The recipe is very similar to my smoked salmon patty recipe only using pulled pork.  
These pattys used pulled pork and cream cheese, egg...dipped in flour, egg wash and rolled in panko before frying til golden.

Topped with slaw and drizzled with sorgum.. These were tasty treats!! 

Lastly I made a crostini suggested by cooking friend Ren. He used beef but I went with Venison Crostini, then topped with wasabi aoli and drizzled with a soy sugar reduction..

I rubbed the venison backstrap with olive oil and crusted it with some Montreal Steak Seasoning before giving it a quick sear. 

These were mouthwatering good. :)

I dabbed a bit of sriracha on a few...

The snacks were a welcome change and I will be making them again in the future!

I went with the usual Hoppin' John, ham, collards and cornbread for New Years Day.

So far I'm feelin' pretty lucky so I guess the peas n greens are working.

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve and I hope 2016 treats you well!  :)