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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few soft words

The girls are getting sleek... their winter coats are gone and they have changed to their summer colors.

She stays blonde all winter but darkens after shedding....
the dark one turns to chocolate during the summer. 

She hogs all of my attention, crowding the others out. 

Patiently waiting in the background for her turn..

They like to hear a few soft words.... not knowing what I am saying but knowing that I love them. :)

another good nostril shot! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Poppa Smokers 4th of July Special Rub Pack

Just wanted to give a heads-up on the 4th of July special going on at Big Poppa Smoker's site. BPS Rub Pack

Looks like a good time to pick up some Big Poppa dry rubs if you haven't tried them....or if you have  tried them and are hooked on them like I am. :)

It's a 4th of July special so I'm not sure how long the sale will last. Great products and Great people at the Big Poppa Smoker site. 

and no I'm not being paid... he has no idea I posted this. lol

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I think I could live on this stuff...

Chinese BBQ'd pork with smokey fried rice. One of my favorites!

I trimmed two pork tenderloins...

made the marinade
posted here....

bagged and chilled overnight....

onto the Hasty Bake....

brought to an internal temperature of 145, wrapped and let it rest while I made smokey fried rice.
The rice was some I had smoked for another meal. I just made a quick fried rice with it.

The Chinese BBQ'd pork with smokey fried rice....

It was kinda tasty!  

I saved some of the meat for future snacks.
I have a yearning for rabbit and frog legs now! lol  If I had those I'd be a happy girl. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crab Stuffed Salmon on the Hasty Bake

I've discovered that the only thing better than a filet of salmon stuffed with crab... is a whole side of salmon stuffed with crab. :) I wanted to make potato topped salmon but due to complicated matters, I went for the crab stuffing again.


I trimmed the side....


made slits for lemon slices..


mixed some crab meat, scallions, onions, minced garlic, coarse salt and lemon pepper..


cut more slits in the salmon for the crab stuffing...


drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with lemon pepper...


Then onto the Hasty Bake...


also made a bowl of smoked rice... I use chicken stock and minced onions in the rice.


I watched for juices on the top of the salmon, the whole cook took about 45 minutes..


It was sooo tasty! :)


I'm not sure if or when I will be able to make the potato topped salmon but this was a nice substitute.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reverse Seared Buffalo Burgers with Tatonka Dust

Good friends Marty and Tanya have developed a great tasting dry rub and sent a sample for me to try. (Thanks again Marty and Tanya!)
 Since "tatonka" is a Native American word for buffalo, it just seemed natural to give it a go on some buffalo burgers.


I picked up a package of buffalo burger at the local grocery store..


wrapped the burgers in bacon, sprinkled with Tatonka Dust...and placed on the top rack of the Hasty Bake to catch some smoke before grilling...


I also set a skillet of fries on the heat to brown...


After about 25 minutes I lowered the burgers down on the heat to sear...


Topped the tatoes with bacon, bacon drippings, minced onions, garlic and cheese...


Back on the heat to melt the cheese...


I've never been a huge fan of fries but these "loaded" fries are pretty tasty. :)


I loved the Tatonka Dust... It was so good! I'm not sure what Marty and Tanya had in mind to use this on, but I put it in a shaker and took it camping with me. :) I've used it on several things. Potatoes, quail, chicken... I think is makes a good every day seasoning for anything. lol


Thanks again Marty and Tanya! Please let me know when you get this on the market!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fire Roasted Venison Shoulder

When deciding what to take to cook while camping, I ran across this venison shoulder in the freezer. Looked like a good candidate for roasting on the fire. :)


 This was a whitetail shoulder from last season. I prepped the shoulder at home, removed the silver skin, inserted slivers of garlic, added a fair amount of Allegro game marinade and a few sliced onions. Then wrapped and placed in an ice chest for the trip to the lake.


 Used the tractor rim and placed the shoulder on the low heat side of the fire...


I was able to fish while the venison slow roasted...and added wood when needed to keep the flame alive.

I rotated the hunka venison every 30 minutes or so and mopped with a mixture of beef stock and crushed red peppers. It smelled incredible while roasting. :)


Interesting how many people stop by when they smell a large hunka meat roasting on the fire. :)

Like ribs or pork shoulder, I watch for pull back on the bone...


I added sliced peppers and onions seasoned with Peppered Cow dry rub.


then several boneless chicken thighs seasoned with the same Peppered Cow...


The chicken thighs cooked fast...


then came the tortillas...


 The whole cook took close to 4 hrs but it was worth the wait. :)


It's my favorite way to cook a shoulder...and they are handy for self-serve style meals.

Best part... I was able to catch a few frankenfish while cooking! :)