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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lake

I spent the last few days camping at this little lake. It's one of my favorite lakes for fishing but the fish just weren't biting this weekend.
The weather has been soooo hot and dry, the water level was really low.

Below the spillway the water was filled with turtles, carp and I could see some good sized gar.

View of the spillway from the rock jetty...

The river below the spillway...

This is my favorite beach. I couldn't believe how low the water level was...

Even though I didn't catch any fish and it was hotter than heck out there, I had a nice quiet weekend.
Sometimes it's good just to get away to relax and think. :)


LindaG said...

Sounds like here. Lots of turtles and gar, low water and heat.
And no fish biting.

Glad you enjoyed yourself though. :)

Rocco said...

so did you bring your aircon for the tent?

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Nice pictures Jeanie. I happen to know where all your water is. It's up here. The creek at my place is more of a raging river the last few days. I've never seen it so high before. Alot of rivers in the area have flooded. One of these days I think I'll have to do some camping. Kinda slacking in that department lately, but I sure am missing it. Do you still have fire bans on Jeanie?

cowgirl said...

lol Linda it does sound like a miserable weekend but I made the most of it. :)
I did do a lot of campfire cooking which I love.
Hope you had a geat weekend too! Thanks. :)

cowgirl said...

Rocco this time I actually stayed in a camper!! and it had airconditioning. It was sooooo nice. :)
Not really sure how hot the weather got but it was in the 100s most of the time. :(
Hope you had a nice weekend too!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark! Wow sounds like your creek is really rolling along. Hope it dries up a bit for ya. It must be hard getting around in the big truck right now.
Hope you and Traction keep safe and don't get washed away!
The fire ban is still going on here. There were no fireworks for the 4th but I did manage to light a few sparklers in a snowman I build with some of the snowballs I saved from this winter. lol I know.. I'm a dork. :)

I called the lake in advance to make sure I could light a fire there for cooking. They didn't have a fire ban in that county.
Last time I went camping I couldn't use the fire ring and had to cook those brats with the weed burner. lol
You need to do some camping Mark and some canoeing and get your 4 wheeler out too. :) I know you are busy but a day or two of relaxing is well worth it.
Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks Mark...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the place isn't as quiet as it looks. No place to have a swim without getting complaints from prudes?

Nice wide-open spaces, blue horizons, nice views must be a fairly large lake.

A/C is a must, wished I had an A/C today as we had an high of 75F;-).

cheers, d.

cowgirl said...

Hi Donald! :)
The lake is mainly for fishing but they have a swimming beach.
I am jealous of your temperature! lol
Sounds nice and cool over there. :)
Thanks Donald...

Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't kidding about the A/C. I did have the fan running while sleeping to keeping me from sweating too much.

We should have some rain the next few day, starting tomorrow night, good as I washed out the waterbutt last week, so it is nearly empty.

I got inventive and put the thicker toe section of a torn nylon over the feederpipe, as the tank has been smelling from the rotting plantmaterial on the bottom for the last couple of months. Let's see if that keeps the water clean and fresh to feed the peppers, and my mother's tomato's.

Finally got most of my pepperplants outside. Just an handfull are still on the window sills as they have been growing fruit for quite some time.

Therefor I haven't repotted them, so they are on perhaps one to two quarts of soil and the same amount of clay pebbles. That's probably why I have lost many flowers and pollinated setting buds. They just fall off, and the paprika plant has two large paprika's but the other three just dried and shrivelled up.

You grow peppers don't you...

cowgirl said...

Donald I will trade you weather right now. :) The temps have been in the 100s for days. 90s are even starting to sound good.
Your plants sound great. I have a few peppers too and they are struggling to survive. Please send any extra rain this way! :)

Anonymous said...

Huff, Puff, and blow some rain down to the Okies.

Peppers are tropical plants so they should handle the temperatures, as long as they get enough water and some shade and a bit of wind for relieve, but the heat combined with too much sun and the drought must be very tough on all your plants.

cowgirl said...

Donald thanks, I hope you can blow some rain my way. :)
I put some shade over my tomato plants I hope they are going to make it.
I'm still jealous of your temperatures! :)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to feed your envy by showing you a screendump from the website of a local amateur weatherstation. But that Blogger mailform doesn't allow for image attachements.

Has been raining all day, so current temperature is a whopping 12.9 degrees, high was 14.1. You do the conversion;-). Indoors it is still 21+ degrees, though. Eventhough the wind has been blowing fiercely.

cowgirl said...

Haha Donald you are feeding my envy. :)
I will trade weather with you right now.
Thanks! :)