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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Charred Apron and More...

It's been busy around here. Can't believe summer is over, I didn't get half of the projects finished that I wanted.  The mishap in June kind of set me back a bit.
I'm behind on posting and am behind on my email. I will catch up as soon as possible!

My birthday is coming up so I'm going to do a little celebrating early and go camping while I have the chance. Should be leaving tomorrow and be back the end of next week.

Wanted to give everyone a heads up about some really talented and sweet friend's sites before I go.

Jed at The Charred Apron is unbelievable. What a talented chef and nice person. If you get the time, please check out his amazing cooks. :)

Also wanted to mention Marty and Tanya Owen's site Owen's BBQ . The home of Tatonka Dust. I've used Tatonka Dust on several cooks and I'm a huge fan.  Really like the rub on wild game and beef! If you get the chance to try their stuff, let me know what you think!  :)

Another friend that I want to mention is Rich at Mad Hunky Meats .  Rich's BBQ rubs and brines are real winners. You won't be disappointed with any of his products!  If you happen to talk to Rich...give him a big (((HUG))) for me. lol

Can't forget to mention my Smokin' Pal Big Poppa at Big Poppa Smokers . Sterling is an amazing, kind person. His site carries everything you need for great BBQ. Can't say enough about his dry rubs, I use them every day! Just love them on both kitchen cookin' and outdoor Q. 

Then there is Paul Shirley at Shirley Fabrication . Can't say enough good things about Paul and son Tyler! Their custom smokers and fabrication skills are second to none. Wish I had a fraction of the talent they have.

Want to mention talented friend Bill too at Three Dog's BBQ .  Every time I visit his site, I leave sooooo hungry! lol

Hope you check out these sites if you get the time.  They're pretty awesome people. :)

I've got my fishin' gear loaded in the truck and am rounding up odds and ends to take with me to the lake. Hope to catch a few fish but if they're not biting, it doesn't really matter. I'm really going for the quiet and the campfire. :)

Have a great week! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cold Smoking and Canning Salmon for the Winter

It's been almost one year since cold smoking and canning my last batch of salmon. It worked out that I have 4 jars of my old batch left in the pantry.  I have been careful with how I've used them.... it is so tasty. I wanted to make the jars last the year. It worked out well for me. :)

I washed the salmon and made slits without cutting through the skin.

The cuts help both the cure and smoke penetrate into the meat.
After cutting, I grab the tail end and the head end of each filet and give them a gentle pull. This lengthens and stretches the skin on the fish and opens the cuts even farther. You have to do this gently.

I use a simple cure, three parts brown sugar mixed with one part canning salt. I use the smoked salmon in a variety of ways and do not want "extra" flavors in the finished, canned meat. This simple cure works best for my dishes.

I coat the salmon well, getting the cure into the slits and on the skin side too... make as many batches of cure as you need to to be able to cover the fish.

I wrap and place the fish into a container to catch any drippings.  Cure in the fridge overnight.

I rinse the cure from the fish with cool water.  Making sure to rinse in the slits too.
Then let the fish dry before smoking.  

I hang the cured salmon in the smokehouse...

Went with a mixture of alder and apple woods and kept the smokehouse temperature under 75F.

Since the canning process intensifies the smoke flavor, a 2 hour smoke is all that is needed.

The alder wood, apple wood cold smoked salmon...

The salmon is ready to can.  I remove the meat from the skin, fill hot sterilized canning jars leaving a 1 inch head space.

I use 1/2 pint jars. I can get 4 smoked salmon patties out of one jar which is enough for 2 meals for me.  Also the smaller 1/2 pint jars work well for making dips and smoked salmon spreads.

To each jar I add a sliver of onion and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to keep the smoked salmon moist.

Wipe the jar rims with a clean cloth and top with hot lids...

Ready for the pressure canner...

My pressure canner hold 24  half pints so that's how many jars I prepare at one time...

For my altitude, I process the salmon at 12 pounds of pressure for 100 minutes. Check your canner for times and pressure in your area.

The canned smoked salmon ready to cool...

Had to test a jar. :)

It was pretty tasty!  Think I'm set for the winter. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Have been wanting to mention talented friend Joe's blog for a week now.  Can't believe it has taken me this long!
Joe is an excellent cook and Qer.....and an all round nice person. :)

If you get the time, please check out his blog. mmmgoblubbq  He has some great recipes and ideas!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jallelujah Jalapeno Spiced Pulled Pork Samosas

I make these often, they are so tasty!  This time I used some of the Jallelujah Jalapeno seasoned pulled pork from my last cook...

added minced onions to the pork, made an egg milk wash and a plate of panko bread crumbs for coating...

cut eggroll wrappers into thirds....

added about one tablespoon of pulled pork and onions to one end...then rolled them up "flag" style.
I sealed the ends with a brush of the egg milk wash.

dipped the samosas into the egg milk wash then rolled in panko....

fried til golden and crisp...

I gave the samosas an extra sprinkle of the Jallelujah Jalepeno rub and served these with some of my home made salsa for dipping...

The Jallelujah was enough seasoning for me, I didn't need the salsa!  Really love these things. The fillings are endless. :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Jallelujah Jalapeno Pork Butt Burrito

One of my favorite seasonings is  Big Poppa Smokers Jallelujah Jalapeno. It goes so well on everything, beef, pork, chicken, all tastes great with a dash of Jallelujah!  
I had this rub in mind when I picked a pork shoulder to smoke. I was also thinking of what I could make with the leftovers from this cook.

I injected the pork butt (shoulder) with some spiced-up beef stock, then sprinkled with the BPS rub.

Into the drum at 275 F....

I put this on early in the morning and let it cook all day. Went swimming and dove hunting.  When I got back I was hungry. :)

The butt smoked for about 9 hours, I left it inside of the drum and shut all air vents. (both intake and outlets). Let the meat rest in the cooker for another hour.

It came out so moist and tender....and the bark had incredible flavor from the rub.

This was actually all we ate. No sides, everybody just picked at the pork butt. 

I did have enough leftover the next day to make a burrito.
Spicy pork butt with some of the bark, black beans, rice and minced scallions...

I love these crispy so I fried this one until golden...

Topped with home made salsa and queso fresco...

I don't understand the rules but once you fry a burrito, it magically changes it's name to a chimichanga. 
What ever they are supposed to be called, I like em!  :)

I have some of the pork stash in the freezer for future meals. Not sure what to make with it yet. :)