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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some of my favorite outdoor cooks

I have been looking over pictures from my past cooks and picked a few of my favorite meals..

Hasty Bake Breakfast Fatty wrapped in a crisp bacon weave and filled with ham, fried potatoes, jalapeno, and cheese .....
Benedict Style

Smokey Crowned Venison with Spaetzel

Simple Smoked Bologna :)

butterflied bologna, stuffed with a creamcheese bacon jalapeno mix, rolled and wrapped in bacon, then hickory slow smoked...

A Mini Crawdad Boil on the Smoker with Bacon Wrapped Corn

Hickory Smoked Tri Tip with Garlic Smooshed Potatoes

Chinese BBQd Pork with Smokey Fried Rice

Smoked Codfish Sopas with Black Beans and Chili Lime

I'll never get tired of Smoked Pork Cowgirl Q-Tons :)

I almost forgot... My Apple Smoked Apple Dumplins

lol I should never have started this post... I have so many favorites and I haven't touched the campfire meals!

One of my favorite campfire meals... Surf n Turf on the Campfire

How could I forget my favorite Wild Eats

Fire grilled venison backstrap with morel wild plum wine sauce, and freshly picked lambsquarter with wild onions...

and my version of Fine Dining With a Friend :)

ok I quit! lol There are too many to list. I will just have to go back through them and pick a few to make again.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The "icky" white thing in the pasture

I'm not even sure if anyone notices the big white thing in most of my pasture pictures.
This is a closer look. :)

It's a condensate tank from a well...

It's pretty big and pretty icky... so of course I had to climb to the top. lol

I wish I wouldn't have touched these pipes, but with me....getting dirty was inevitable..

I'm not really sure how tall the tanks are.

You can see pretty far, but then again I could see pretty far from ground level. :)

and now you know what those little white things in the pasture are.

There's two minutes of your life that you'll never get back. lol

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Calf Fries, Catfish n Hushpuppies

I absolutely love these! Mountain oysters, catfish caught this spring, and jalapeno, whole corn hushpuppies. :)

I dip the cleaned, sliced fries in an egg milk bath and roll them in cracker crumbs..

Then give the fish filets a light coating of cornmeal, flour, cayenne, kosher salt and lemon pepper.

Heat my oil in a cast iron pot...

Mix up a batch of hushpuppy batter and add minced onion, minced jalapenos and some whole kernals of corn...

frying the catfish...


and the calf fries....

The catfish, hushpuppies and calf fries... served with fresh tartar, horseradish sauce and a cold beverage.

Another one of those plateless, finger food meals. I'll do anything to get out of washing dishes. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot Tub Hens on the Hasty Bake

This was my first try at game hens on the Hasty Bake Charcoal Grill/Smoker.
I made a brine of kosher salt, raw sugar, pepper corns, onion, garlic, bay leaves and one kaskaskian pepper ( sent to me by smoking friend Ash, Thanks again Ash!)
Let the girls soak for a few hours...

Slathered them in butter and placed more butter under the skin. I went with a sprinkle of my Smokin' Pal Big Poppa's Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt with Pepper....and a sprinkle of Soileaus Rub...sent to me by smoking friend Sparky. (Thanks Sparky :))

Fired up the Hasty Bake...

I placed the hens on the top rack and placed a drip pan containing water, bay leaves and another kaskaskian pepper. Then added a hunka Spam. :)

I wasn't sure how the Hasty Bake would perform so I lowered the hot coal rack to the "smoke" level and closed the lid. I also added a dish of rice with morel mushrooms..
When the Spam had "blossomed" I sprinkled it with the usual cayenne brown sugar mixture and spritzed it with whiskey..then let the smoke for another 15 minutes.

The hens roasted beautifully on the top rack.

The rice was nice and fluffy....

I know... I make these too often. They are so tasty! :)

I was very happy with the game hens! They roasted on the top shelf of the Hasty Bake for 1 1/2 hours and came out perfect. Moist and tender.... It was a no-fuss meal. :)

I was a happy girl again! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pulled Pork Fajitas on my fancy outdoor cooker :)

This has to be one of my favorite meals. I saved some of the smoked pork butt from an earlier smoke.... smoked pork butt
Set up my fancy cooker..
It's a section of pipe with rebar legs, expanded metal grate and an old burner from a hot water heater.

sauteed some onions, scallions, peppers and garlic in a little bit of oil...

added some of my smoked pork... and a small dash of fajita sauce...

heated through and added my corn tortillas...

This was self serve style... grab a paper towel, top with a hot tortilla, top with the smoked pork-onion mixture..

then drizzle with your favorite hot sauce and add a bit of fresh pico de gallo and a squeeze of lime.

The rooster was happy chicken wasn't on the menu again. :)

I love these plateless meals..

It was a nice afternoon sitting under the shade tree. :)