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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Photobucket Fix?

Photobucket has decided to start charging $399. per year to allow blog pics hosted at their site to be shared here. The charge was formerly around $50.. lol
SO.. I'm not planning on coming up with $'s just too much.

Many of my blog pics aren't showing up now. If you can't see them...this might work..

For Foxfire browsers...

For Chrome browsers..

Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm checking into how to fix this or move my pics from photobucket. I have a couple of months before they all disappear. 10 years + worth of photos are going to take time to move. lol dang it....


LindaG said...

Do they give you an option to download them to your computer? At least then you could save them.

cowgirl said...

They do give an option to down load the photos. I have them saved to storage "sticks". There are around 25,000. photos that I need to replace... it's going to take me awhile. lol
Hope you didn't get caught up in the photobucket mess with your blog!
Thanks Linda! :)

LindaG said...

I think I may have lost a few, but I mostly just let google handle it now. I've heard google doesn't charge much, but they haven't asked me for any yet.
If I have videos, I use You Tube.
But I don't do a whole lot of posting since we retired. Every once in a while we travel, and then I post. Or if something out of the ordinary happens, like when one of our pecan trees lost a huge branch. Thankfully at night so we weren't mowing around it when it fell. :)
We are blessed. I hope you are, too. ♥

cowgirl said...

Shoot...sorry you lost some. I'll check out google, thanks!
I didn't know you had You Tube, that's great! I'll look for your videos!
It's nice that you get to travel a bit!
Darned tree.... Yes, lucky you weren't mowing then.
So glad to hear things are going well for you and family. I miss your posts!
Sending (((HUGS))) your way..

LindaG said...

My bad. When I said google, I meant google blogger. Though my son does use... whatever google's picture thing is. Ugh. My brain is a sieve, I swear.

Here is one You Tube channel

Here is the other. Don't know how I ended up with 2, but I did. :)
The second one has older videos. You can still find my blog by clicking on my name when you are really bored. ;-)

We will be taking that pecan tree down sometime this year. It is the oldest tree on the property. Close to 100 or so, I would reckon; and has lost about half of it's productive branches, so time to go. We have 9 or 10 trees in various ages of growth to replace it, plus a half dozen or so still producing, so we are good. Pecans last for a couple years in the shell, without too much loss of edibility (if that is a word, haha!); and I do love fresh pecans!

God bless, cowgirl. *hugs* :)

cowgirl said...

Wow Linda.. Thanks for the links! I'm looking forward to watching your videos. Wish I knew how to make them. lol
Thank you for the google picture info too. I'll check into it.
Too bad that the tree has to come down. There are not many trees in my area.. wish I could move it here. lol Maybe you could use the wood for crafts!
I love pecans too! Nice that you have replacements they are pretty!
lol I think edibility is a word... if not.. it should be. lol
Thanks Linda! :)