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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dishwasher Fish

I know this method of cooking fish has been around for a long time, my big brother gave the recipe to me several years ago. It was one of his "bachelor" meals.
I have not made it in a long time.....

Use a dishwasher safe dish...
I started with 3/4 cup of instant rice.
Added 3/4 cup of chicken broth
salt and pepper to taste and
minced onions

(You can make this without the rice, make a foil pouch for the fish instead of using a dish. Leave out the rice and broth.)

Placed some cod pieces in a single layer over the rice.
Topped the fish with lemon pepper, kosher salt and butter...
Fresh lemon slices are nice but I didn't have any on hand.

Place a tight cover on the dish... make sure it fits tight!

Put the container on the top rack of your dishwasher. Keep it level.
Wash your dishes.......

After the dishwasher has finished, remove the container...

Makes a nice one dish, no effort meal. :)

The cod is flaky, the lemon pepper and butter are my favorite toppings with this dish... you could add anything.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Official, I'm not a Mom

My second barn cat has accepted the orphaned kittens. :)
I placed two at a time in front of her while she was nursing her own kittens. They crawled up to their new Mom and didn't even look back! (snif, snif)
I am happy for them though. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm a Mom

My momma barn cat is missing, I'm afraid that the coyotes are probably to blame. :(

I've been feeding the kittens with a small syringe and was able to switch them to a baby bottle last night. There are 4 kittens. Right now they seem to be doing fine. All I can do is feed them, and give them a lot of love. :)
I'm looking for a surrogate cat to take over for me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Hike

The weather was beautiful yesterday. I headed for my favorite get-away by the river to soak in some fresh air, sunshine and check for morels.

In my haste to get away while I still had a couple hours of daylight... I neglected to change into my jeans. Cutoff shorts aren't the best thing to wear while hiking through wild plum bushes.

Ouch. lol

Saw several deer scrapes...

Bobcat tracks....

Tons of deer tracks... Didn't see any monster buck tracks though.

The tiny fawn tracks were soooooo cute!!!

I tried to catch up with an armadillo for a picture, but he was long gone by the time I had my camera ready. (sorry Frugal Canadian Hermit) :))

I almost forgot......didn't find many morels, I think the season is over here.

Had a great evening....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fried Morels

I had the chance to fry up some of the morels I found this weekend...

I like to soak them in a bit of salt water to get rid of the dirt and any creatures that might be hiding inside. :)

I cut them in half, they are hollow inside.

Then dip them in an egg/milk wash and roll them in cracker crumbs...

Pan fry till golden...

The morels, baked potato, chicken piccata and salad..

They were pretty tasty! :)

Had a good Scare....

While working in my shop this weekend, I pulled open a drawer and reached for a screwdriver.
My barn cat had picked this drawer to have her kittens.
I didn't know I could jump so high!!
Scared me into next week.

They are cute...two white, one black, one black with orange and one orange kitten. Spring is here! :)

Morel Mushroom Season

I had the chance to go mushroom hunting again this weekend. Saw a few deer and one armadillo. The morels are just getting started.

I brought a few home....

Made it home in time to watch a small hail storm from my front porch....

I hope to go back out in a day or two. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009


This recipe belongs to an online forum friend named Abelman. It goes back to the late 1800's to the early 1900's. If you like vinegar, you might like this drink. It's very refreshing!

½ cup of molasses - optional
1 cup of sugar
½ cup of vinegar
½ tsp ginger
2 cups of hot water

Mix and chill

I mixed everything (without the molasses) in a mason jar, gave it a good shake and chilled it overnight...

The drink is refreshing! Reminds me of lemonade, but with a sweet vinegary taste. I like it! :)

Thank you for the recipe Abelman!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Smoked Bologna

I've smoked bologna in the past but wanted to try something different this time

I tried the bologna 3 different ways...First hunk is scored, rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with peppered bacon salt....

The second piece is butterflied, spread with a cream cheese, onion, garlic mixture, then topped with minced jalapenos and bacon

Then topped with pastrami slices...

Rolled and wrapped with bacon...Smoked both with hickory.

The third batch was cubed, seasoned with pepper, dipped in beer batter and panko, then fried.

Served with jalapeno cheese, pineapple, cheddar, olives, strawberries and hot peppers...

The cream cheese, garlic, onion, jalapeno, bacon rolled bologna....

The beer batter/panko fried bologna with spicy brown mustard...

They were pretty tasty!