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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oklahoma Wild Fires

View from behind my house.

2017 has been an interesting year so far. Short visit to the hospital, ice storm, no electricity for 2 weeks, death of a loved one. :/ I almost hate to see what's coming up next! lol
The recent wild fires have wreaked havoc across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.
My little patch of Heaven wasn't left unscathed by the fire.

The cattle and horses were moved to a neighbor's pasture the farm animals were moved to safety and I was told to evacuate the farm. Had several things already packed, grabbed the house cat and drove to a safe distance to watch.

The strong winds drove the wild fire south of my house and through the pasture...

I felt very fortunate!!!

Strong winds fueled the fire the next day. Smoldering fence posts provided sparks which quickly turned into flames as they made their way east across the rest of my pasture and beyond.
Burning, downed power poles posed another problem, but the electric company crews quickly replaced and repaired the down lines and restored power to the farm.

Here are some comparison picture to show the size of the small white things (condensate tanks), posted in power pole photo. (the little dots in the pasture)

So many people and animals were hurt or killed. I feel very fortunate that all I lost was a bit of grass and fence. (about 100 acres).

Hope everyone stays safe!