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Monday, November 3, 2014

Venison and Spaetzle (Thank you Rolf!)

Talented friend Rolf in Germany sent this awesome spaetzle maker to me awhile back. I have not gotten around to posting pics until now.

Thanks so much Rolf, I love it!!

I have made spaetzle in the past using a colander but this was WAY easier. :)

My batter, eggs, flour, salt and milk...

I made this batch a little thin. Should have added more flour  I think.

Spread the batter across the spaetzle maker into boiling hot water...

I let them rise to the top and simmer for a few minutes til cooked through.

I usually serve these as is with butter but wanted to try the fried version.
I cooked bacon til crisp, added butter, onion and garlic...

then fried the spaetzle until light brown and a little crisp...

I thawed a package of venison which I thought was backstrap, turned out to be 4 tenderloins...

Trimmed them up and let them marinade for awhile in olive oil, garlic and cracked black pepper..

made a batch of biscuits...

Put the skillet of biscuits in the cooker first. I let them brown on one side, turn them over and move them off the coals to finish rising and cooking..

The tenderloins grill fast... about 10 to 15 minutes...

That's about it!
Venison tenderloin, skillet biscuits and fried spaetzle...

Loved the spaetzle!!

and the venison tasted pretty good too. :)

Not sure if you will ever see this Rolf but thank you so much! The spaetzle maker made the job so much easier than how I had been doing it. I will practice with it and try to get them more uniform. lol
They were delicious!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Campfire Surf~n~Turf

I celebrated my birthday during the last camp out. My favorite birthday meal is crab legs...... and heating them over a wood fire is my absolute favorite way to prep them.

I started by splitting some tatoes, stuffing them with a sliver of bacon, onion, butter and salt and pepper. Then wrapped them in foil and set them over the direct fire.

Also added a skillet of mushrooms in butter, with a few onions and some garlic. Then made a small pot of garlic butter..

Threw a couple of steaks on the fire and roasted some asparagus. Both seasoned with oil, salt and pepper. (kept it simple :))

Next came my favorite part....the crab legs!  Since they are already cooked, they just need to be warmed through and need to catch a little bit of smoke.

The stuffed tater, 1/4 of a grilled steak with shrooms, asparagus, smokey crab legs and garlic butter...

Since it was my birthday celebration, I went directly to the crab legs and forgot about the rest of the stuff. I cut down a styrofoam cup to hold the butter...

Pretty much ate crab with garlic butter until I was stuffed, saved the rest of the meal for lunch the next day. Then sat back by the fire and enjoyed the night.

 I don't know.... maybe I'm just odd.... but I'd rather celebrate my birthday kicked back at a quiet, beautiful location, enjoying close friends than to go to some crowded restaurant.

It was pretty nice and I'll probably do it again next year...  :)