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Monday, February 23, 2015

The French BBQ Association

Wanted to give a heads up to folks about talented cooking friend Jed's wonderful site...  The French BBQ Association.
Right now I'm having trouble posting the link but will keep trying. lol

The French BBQ Association

Hopefully this link will work!  If you get the time, please check out Jed's site. He's a great guy and and talented chef. Lot's of great recipes on his site! :)

Holler at me if the link doesn't work, I'll try to fix it again.:D

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crawdads and Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Drum

One of my favorite snacks! A simple crawdad boil, drum style.

I make this for the Super Bowl every year but made it for New Years eve too.

Seasoned the pot with Swamp Dust. This was my first time using this seasoning, it was recommended by cooking friends CajunTy and Wickedcajun from Louisiana.  Thanks again, I loved the stuff! 

Did my usual bacon wrapped corn. Drizzled the ears with olive oil, seasoned with Big Poppa's rub and wrapped in bacon.

Seasoned the pot of water with the Swamp Dust, garlic, onions, salt and cayenne to taste, smoked sausage, lemon juice and threw in the new potatoes to get a head start.

Added the corn...

When the taters were starting to get tender, I added the crawdads...

Last in the pot was the shrimp...

They cook quick...

While the pot cooks I rotate the corn for even cooking. I love crisp bacon. :)

That's it! Served with garlic butter for dippin', crunchy bread and cold beer. 

I usually add crab legs to the mix but just had them not long ago and believe it or not... I wasn't hungry for them! (probably a first for me!)

Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far. Thanks for stopping by!