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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Lake Fatty

Made one of these while camping this spring and it turned out so tasty I had to do it again on my last trip to the lake!
Just my favorite breakfast fatty. I make these a lot at home but just discovered how good they taste when camping.
Made my stuffing, fried tatoes, onions, peppers, ham and cheese...

Used my stainless fatty piston from good friend Rolf in Germany. Rolf if you happen to see this, thanks again!! I'm getting a lot of good use out of this piston, I love it! :)

I made this the day before, wrapped and let it sit in the ice chest overnight.
Then started a few coals in the little cooker.  I spread them around the edges and put a drip pan in the center underneath the fatty.

I hung out and fished while the thing cooked...

I had a fire going in the tractor rim already for a venison shoulder, so I made my hollandaise, fried some eggs in butter and toasted the english muffins...

The fatty was cooked but the bacon wasn't as crispy as I like it...

So out came the weed burner....again.

Didn't take long at all to crisp things up...

The fried tater, ham, onion, pepper, cheese fatty....


I scooched my chair out by the water to watch the morning traffic..

I know I make these often but they have got to be my all time favorite breakfast fatties. Eating them beside the lake seemed to make them taste even better.
I think I just need to buy a house by a lake... I'd never go inside. lol

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Voss Soss BBQ Sauce

I wanted to give folks a heads up about friend Matt Voss' BBQ sauce, Voss Soss.
Matt is a good friend and "almost" a neighbor ( he lives south of me in Wichita Falls Texas).
He's a hard working single dad and an outstanding BBQer.... He knows his stuff.

I've seen folks use the kickstarter program to get their businesses started, I'm not totally familiar how they work but Matt has a page set up that will tell you more about him and his products...
Voss Soss 

If you get the time, please check out Matt's venture and feel free to help him reach his goal if you feel the urge to do so. He's a great guy and I wish him the best of luck!

Thanks everybody!