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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Broadcast Marc, Delicious Food Magazine and The Barbecue Forum NL

Talented friend Marc at Grill Adventures of BroadcastMarc noticed that my blog was mentioned in the latest issue of Delicious Food Magazine ! It's a small blurp but I am so honored that they would even mention my little blog. :)
Thank you Marc for letting me know and Thank you Delicious Food Magazine for the write up, I appreciate it!

I want to mention that the Delicious Food Magazine is located in the Netherlands so I will not be able to see a copy in person... But...
I have many friends there. If anyone happens to see my blog address in the magazine, please do me a favor and stop by The Barbecue Forum NL and check out my talented friends...
They are amazing and so kind!
Their smoking talent is unsurpassed! If you live in the area be sure to attend one of the smoking competitions and check out the Lowland Smokers Team... I am the lucky recipient of an official Lowland Smokers T shirt and I wear it here in the states with pride. :)

Whether you live in the Netherlands or not... please check out the forum. These folks are so sweet! They even put up with me. :)

Thank you again Marc and Delicious Magazine and my friends at the Barbecue Forum NL!


Old Smoke said...

Holy Moly!
I can see it now on an arch over the main street of (small town) OK "Home of World Famous, International, Cooking Celebrity, COWGIRL" :)

And still no cookbook...haha

Congrats on the recognition....

Got to go straighten the tackle box for next week.... See Ya

marc said...

You are an international sensation! Pretty soon you will out shine Kristin Chenoweth as Oklahoma's favorite daughter. ( You already do in my eyes)

cowgirl said...

haha Rick, more like an arch over the cattle guard. :)
Thanks friend.. hope you have great luck fishing next week. Take pics! :)

cowgirl said...

Marc, thanks! :) You're a great friend.

(I had to google Kristen Chenoweth lol )

marc said...

Well I hope you were happy with the comparision. She and I worked together years ago before she 'made' it.

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Congrats Jeanie that's pretty cool. Does'nt surprise me a whole bunch though, fine smokin and cookin, the word gets around ya know.

cowgirl said...

Marc that was a very kind comparison. Interesting that you worked together!!
Thanks Marc... :)

cowgirl said...

Mark, Thanks! Kind of funny how my cooking is reaching people so far away. Maybe the world isn't so big after all.
Thanks friend. :)

Rueben said...

Cowgirl, as I have been stating, you are an awesome cook. But more importantly I can tell you are just good people. I am glad that you are my friend. You really do touch and inspire a lot of people. Keep it going girl!!!

cowgirl said...

Rueben you are so kind.. Thanks friend!! I've enjoyed getting to know you and consider you to be good people too. Wish we lived closer! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Cowgirl,

Untill now I did not know about your blog.
Marc also tipped me that my foodblog was also mentioned in Delicious Food Magazine!
(in the meantime I got my own webadres: the blogspot-site is linked to it)

There are 2 blogs mentioned in the magazine, yours and mine.

I also was very surprised but very happy :-)

From now on I will follow you too.
Thanks Marc (if you are going too read this) mentioning it to me!

Greetings and keep up the good work,


cowgirl said...

Hi Freek, It's nice to meet you!
Congratulations on your blog being in the magazine too... That's great! I wasn't sure how many were listed.
It's quite an honor! :)

I will definately check out your blog and web site, thanks for the links!
So nice to meet you Freek...
See you on the forum! :)

Spiffs said...

Hi there!
Missed you lately on the forum! I guess Phubar will send you a copy of the story ;) It's a great article.

Right now we are preparing for the Dutch BBQ championships in two weeks, I'm really looking forward to that, and we are honoured that you are wearing our shirt :)

Hope to see you again on the forum, with all of your amazing bbq adventures.

see you

cowgirl said...

Spiffs!! It's great to see you. :)
Marc sent a picture of the article to me. I was very surprised and honored to be mentioned.

I hope people who read the magazine and come to my blog will see this post and visit you at the BBQ NL forum! Also hope they come to your competitions and see the Lowland Smoker's great BBQing skills in action!

That's great about the BBQ Championship!! I wish you and the rest of the team good luck! I'm sure it will be fun. :)
I hope to see pic if you or Phubar post them on the forum!
Phu sent the shirt when they first came out (I think).. I have been wearing it here to advertise for you! lol

I hope to post more on the forum, I miss the nice people there.
Thanks so much for stopping by Spiffs, it's really good to see you!! :)

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