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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Hope all dads have a wonderful day today!! Please give your fathers and grandfathers an extra hug today. :)
My dad is no longer with me but I think I might honor him by going fishing. He's the one who taught me to love the outdoors....and put a worm on a hook.
Thanks Dad, you made me who I am today.
(hope that's not a bad thing. lol )


Old Smoke said...

My Dad moved on to greener pastures in '09. I think I'll get on the tractor, go for a spin around the pasture. That was the first vehicle he taught me to drive.
I am going to enjoy the day with memories hope you do too.

cowgirl said...

Rick sorry to hear about your Dad.. I am sure he is missed.
Sounds like a great way to spend the day! :)
Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day Rick... thanks. :)

Tripple T said...

Hi Cowgirl! Sorry to hear that your father has passed. I bet he was a great father and loved you very much! I'm sure he's very proud of his girl. Thanks for the fathers day wishes.I'm a grandfather of three also. Hope you have a blessed day and hope you catch some fish !Your Friend Mark. :)

Mrs. JP said...

Your dad sounds great Cowgirl. I am fortunate to have mine still and we honored him yesterday. He loves the attention!!!

Nick said...

Obviously I've never met you in person. But, I think your values come across pretty well in your blogs and I would have to say that your dad did a GREAT job. Hope you enjoyed the day and maybe even caught a fish or two.


cowgirl said...

Mark thank you! My Dad was a great guy... I was pretty much his shadow growing up. Followed him everywhere. lol
Handed him tools while he worked on the plane or on one of the vehicles. We went fishing at least a couple times a week. :)
I was a lucky girl to have him for a Dad. :)
Hope your weekend was great Mark. Nice to hear you have little ones around. I bet they adore their Grandpa!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mrs JP! I had the best dad a girl could wish for.:)
So glad to hear you were able to celebrate with yours!! Hope you all had nice weekend! :)

cowgirl said...

Nick, Thank you so much! That's very nice of you to say! :)
I hope my you had a wonderful Father's Day and weekend too!
You've made my day Nick... :)

tjus77 said...

Oh yes, I think your dad did a wonderful job raising you. You are a very sweet person and not afraid of work for sure. And entertaining to boot! Cooked for my dad this last weekend since I know I don't have many left with him, I cherish every moment. I'm sure your dad is very very proud of you!

cowgirl said...

Thank you TJ! You are so sweet. :)
I'm glad you had a nice weekend... Give your Dad extra hugs, I'm sure he enjoyed spending the day with you. :)

clinton bishop said...

loved your comment for Father's D ay. Brought back lot of good and miss memories.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Clinton! I'm glad my post brought back good memories for you. Hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day too! Thanks for stopping by. :)