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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Full Moon

Friends know how attracted I am to that darned full moon... it draws me like a magnet.
I went for a short walk last night just waiting for the moon to rise over the horizon.

It was so pretty out. The mocking birds were singing, the coyote pups were yipping in the distance. I'm sure their moms were busy catching field mice and cottontails to keep them fed.

I heard a rustle in the weeds and stood back for a minute. This time of the night is feeding time for rattlesnakes too..

It was Mr Quacky the cat. :) He must have followed me from the barn.

It was nice having Mr Quacky with me to enjoy the moon rise. I felt safe and protected with him at my side. :)


marc said...

I watch the full moon a little myself last night with my kitties. That is until the rain came back through. I can't complain since we needed the rain and in a few more minutes she (the moon) should be out front on the patio.

cowgirl said...

Marc that's great! Wasn't it pretty....
It's nice to know while I'm out looking at the moon... some of my friends are too. :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I did'nt get to see any full moon myself, I guess there were too many clouds out. That's an interesting name for a cat, but whatever works I guess. Maybe he was raised by ducks?

cowgirl said...

Mark, as long as I've known you and as many pics of the full moon that I have posted.. I imagine you are getting tired of seeing it! lol
I still remember the full moon you talked about that was so bright, you had to use the visor in your truck.... bet it was pretty!!

My Quacky wasn't raised by ducks but I did have a baby chick hatched by a duck. When the other baby ducks splashed in mud puddles, the little chick just stood on the edge and watched. lol

Thanks Mark...hope you have a great weekend!

Mrs. JP said...

I saw the moon too! It was beautiful.

cowgirl said...

Mrs JP, I was thinking about you too. I imagine you're getting tired of my full moon posts too! LOL! You, of all of my blogging friends have seen every one of my full moon posts and you're too nice to tell me to stop! lol
Thanks for putting up with my full moon obsession. :)