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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday Nite...part 2

After receiving a late night call that some of my calves could be out, I grabbed my spotlight and headed to the pasture to count cows.
They were all accounted for and were bedded down for the night ......but just to make sure they weren't mine, I decided to go back to the pasture at daylight to check for evidence....(calf prints where they shouldn't be).....

Shoot.....the whole road was covered with cattle tracks, horse tracks, dog name it.

Someone had moved their herd to winter pasture right at daybreak. lol

So much for my detective work. :)

The trail went on for 10 miles. lol

I did find out that the runaway calves belonged to a rancher about 7 miles north of me. :)


Chris said...

I hate when my veal....errr..."calves" run away. I hope someone steered them the right way home. It's udderly hard to believe they'd make a break for it. I can't believe what I've herd.

Ok, I'm done:)

Anonymous said...

jeanie..listen..i have to tell u that ive been livin vicariously through you. :) hope u dont mind. i love to see your pictures and read about your adventures.its really great to see someone making the best out of life. i admire u 4 that. we really are lucky huh? im sure you are thankful for the things that you have and the choices that you have been given..its pretty obvious that you have chosen the right direction.for me lyrics, poems, and any kind of art feels like the soundtrack to my life. heres one that seems fitting: I open my eyes..each morning i find the truth i know that is lucky to lucky to glad to wake glad to be all of this world..with all of its pain..all of its lies and all of its let downs..i still feel a sense of glad im around!
~Jacob Hemphill (SOJA) "open my eyes"..check that out on itunes. :)

Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

lol Chris!! You are too funny! :)

cowgirl said...

Mike, I'm so glad you enjoy my's a part of who I am.
I do enjoy life and wake up each day thankful for what I have.

It sounds like you live life to it's fullest too. We are both lucky. :)
I googled "open my eyes" and love it!
I'm going to download it onto my ipod. Thanks for recommending the song Mike It's great! :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I'm glad to hear they were'nt your critters that were out Jeanie. Cows are a pain in the butt sometimes. But they sure do taste good.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark! I was pretty relieved that they weren't mine too. lol
You're right, they sure can be a pain at times.
Your place is lookin' good Mark. I like your new shack. :)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee! Sherlock Sap! LOL

Anonymous said...

hey Jeanie..glad you like that song. ive seen those guys a bunch of times.i dont think they have ever played in OK city though. i would say check them out but that might not be possible for you. great show and those guys are real cool down to earth..ive chilled with them before shows and had some great conversations. unfortunately for me they are getting big..i enjoy the smaller venue shows around here. anyway, heres another : "Sometimes i lay under the moon..i thank God im breathing..then i pray.. dont take me soon..because i am here for a reason. sometimes in my tears i drown..but i never let it get me when negativity surrounds..i know someday it will all turn around". ~Matisyahu "One Day"..check that 1 too ! i have to get back to work a slacker! lol This could be cool..Ill send some good music your way! Good to hear your not just into country music only!! Have a great week girl! enjoy


cowgirl said...

lol Mr D! I'm not much of a detective. lol

cowgirl said...

Hey Mike, thanks! That's another good song. :)
I like almost all music. I usually play old rock and classical on my guitar. :)
Mark, (Canadian Hermit) has me listening to Buckethead now too.:) Joe Bonamassa is one of my favorite blues guitarists..... I just like all music. lol

Thanks for the tips Mike... I appreciate it!
Hope you have a great week. :)

Anonymous said...

sweet! thats great that you play..iplay drums and guitar..drums you have anything recorded? i would love to hear.. wow..u threw me off with Buckethead! i never wouldve guessed that one..Nice Canadian Hermit! Buckethead just played by me on Governors Island..but i missed it. Ive been listening to Jack Johnson, Dead, and Taj Mahal alot lately. Ill check out Joe..i dont think i know who that is :\ nice volley kid!!!

Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

lol That's great that you play too! I do not have anything recorded....I do have a few songs recorded just for my own use. I record one guitar part .....then play the second guitar part live along with it. Kind of like playing a duet with myself. lol
I like Jack Johnson too. :)

Can you picture me riding my horse through the sagebrush and yucca,
listening to Buckethead or Joe Bonamassa..... lol
or... standing in my kitchen listening to Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys while drinking homemade plum wine and rolling sushi....
I have a lotta fun out here. :)

Anonymous said...

ok LMAO! :)..seriously.are u real? alien or something!?! kidding of course. I use an MboxPro for playing duets with myself..what kind of gear are u using? and just a guess but i bet you have a Martin acoustic? I love my LesPaul (RIP). aaand Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys with plum wine and sushi?!? is that legal?.. lol! great stuff! play me a little Marshall Tucker.."see you later im gone". love that song.i play that at local bars and get some looks! lol..i used that song to break up with my girl ..she thought it was rude..i thought it was original:)


cowgirl said...

lol Mike... I'm real. :)
There are a lot of nice acoustic guitars I'd love to have, but I am playing a Yamaha. It does OK. :)

Nothing fancy for recording either.
lol I imagine your girlfriend really appreciated hearing "see you later I'm gone") lol

Hope you have a good evening!