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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leather Breeches

Absolutely the easiest way to store green beans for winter use..... String them up to dry.
Not sure why these are called leather breeches, maybe from using the needle and thread to string them up, or maybe the way they look after a week or two of air drying.

When needed, I slide a few off of the string and into a pot of hot water, add a smoked ham hock or hunk of bacon and let them simmer til tender. They will be tasty on a cold winter day. :)


Anonymous said...

That is very cool Cowchick! Why or how do they not go bad (spoil)?

cowgirl said...

They take a couple of weeks to dry completely. I keep an eye on the areas where the beans touch...make sure that area gets enough air to dry too. They need good air circulation.
The beans do get leathery looking. :)
I use this method for morels when I have a lot. I cut the morels in half length ways, then string them up.
Ya need to give it a try sometime when you're really bored. lol

Big Dude said...

As a kid, my mom used to lay them out on newspapers in my closet, which was more like an attic and she called them fodder beans. I always liked them but haven't had them in 40+ years - may have to make some.

cowgirl said...

Big Dude, that's interesting! I might have to give your Mom's method a try too. :)

Chris said...

Those have to be better than leather britches, because those would chafe to no end.

cowgirl said...

lol Chris! You are a riot! lol

Anonymous said...

My grandmother made these every year by stringing them up and draping them over those folding wooden things you hang clothes on to dry. I haven't had them for years, but I remember they had a different, somehow richer taste than fresh beans. Maybe it was because they were able to absorb more of the fatback they were cooked in. :-)


cowgirl said...

Yes Randal, you have described them perfectly! They seem to have a richer flavor... something special. :)
I imagine your grandmother's leather breeches and fatback were mighty tasty. :)
Thank you for the post Randal and thank you for stopping by.