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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm happy :)

I was able to make it out this evening for some dove hunting. Really enjoyed the evening and made it back to the house with a few birds.
Looks like I will be eating well again this winter. :)


Chris said...

Good for you. The last time I went Dove hunting, I only bagged a few bars of soap. ;)

Wayne said...

I was just thinking this morning how much I need to appreciate the little things. I am truly blessed. so often we get wrapped up in the day to day activities and forget how fortunate we are. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your adventure and came home with something to add to the pot.

ps I made your tomato salsa and loved it so much that we made a second patch. We even tried it as sauce on a homemade mexican pizza, just enough of a kick to wake ya up.


cowgirl said...

lol Chris!! :)

Josie said...

What kind of a shotgun do you use?
I got a 20 gage for my b-day back in April and have only shot it a few times. I guess I'm more of a rifle girl ;)!!
Enjoy your Dove meat!!!

cowgirl said...

That's great Wayne! I'm so glad to hear the salsa is working out well for you. :) I hope to make a few more batches before the tomatoes play out.

Thank you Wayne! :)

cowgirl said...

Hi Josie!
I use a 20 gauge for dove and quail and use rifles for deer, coyotes etc..
The 20 gauge comes in really handy here on the farm. I keep it loaded and by the door. :)
Once you get used to it, they are great to have around!
Thanks, hope you get to do some dove hunting too. :)