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Friday, September 4, 2009

Going camping for the weekend :)

Heading to a small lake for a weekend of sleeping under the stars. :)
Hope to catch a few fish and just relax.
Looks like the moon might be an issue......I'll take my sunglasses. lol

Hope everyone has a safe weekend. :)


Salmonclubber said...

Hi Jeanie

Hope you have a great weekend camping and fishing catch lots of fish so we all can see how you prepare it after you smoke it Cya


cowgirl said...

Hey Huey, Thanks! I hope to catch a few fish but if not, I guess it will be nice just relaxing.
Thanks for reminding me... if I do catch some, I had better take along some provisions to cook it. Guess I could always just roast them on a stick. lol

Hope you have a good weekend too Huey, it's good to see ya!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Have a good camping trip Jeanie. Or should I say, I hope you had a good camping trip Jeanie. Goodluck with the fishing.

paulswr said...

If it's like the last camping trip, you can ship me the left-overs!

cowgirl said...

Mark, thank you! I had a nice weekend. The weather was perfect and I even caught a few fish.
Hope your weekend was a nice one too. :)

cowgirl said...

lol Paul I did have a few leftovers! Didn't cook as much as last time, but we still had plenty.
I'll get those leftovers sent asap. lol