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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Weekend

I was able to get away Friday to meet friends for the weekend at a nearby lake.

They had a nice fire going when I arrived at the campground....

Across the little road in front of my campsite.....

Up the road....

and down the road....

I'm not used to camping with this many people around. lol

My friends took me to the north side of the lake where the fishing is supposed to be good....

I could see the campground across the little lake....

There was a road and dam behind me....

We all baited up for catfish, then used second poles for casting.

Everyone....but me.... started catching crappie and sand bass right and left. The joking started about how I would be the only one eating steak that night, while they enjoyed the spicy pan-fried fresh caught fish. Normally steak for supper would be wonderful, but the thought of that hot pan-fried fresh crappie and sand bass sounded soooooo goood!

I must be the most approachable member of the group. lol A fellow in a pickup pulled up right behind me to see what we were catching. It didn't take long for my friends to fill him in about my steak supper. After a few more jokes, my friends wandered back to their fishing while I listened as the fellow told me how to cook steak over a campfire.
I patiently listened..... thinking to myself about how many steaks and meals I have cooked over a fire....... meanwhile, I could see the fish being hauled in by my friends. lol

It was kind of a long 45 minutes but I patiently listened. :)

After the fellow left I was able to catch 4 fish before we packed up and headed back to camp.

Yeah!!! I get to eat hot fish too! lol

Some of the crappie and sand bass....

A few catfish...

The fresh fish and fried potatoes.....

The guys in the group did the cooking, I relaxed with a cold beer. :)

It was so tasty!!

My friends did admit they would have shared with me if I didn't catch anything.

We did get to eat the steaks too.

I got up early the next morning and cooked some ribeyes, eggs, hashbrowns, and biscuits over the fire for breakfast.

It was a nice weekend. I ate too much, and laughed til my cheeks hurt. :)


Wayne said...

A nice weekend of laughter, cold beer, fishing and good friends. What more could a girl want.

It is times like these that gets you through when the going gets tough.

Have a great week


Anonymous said...

I thought you may have gone away....AGAIN! Its great to have ya back Sap!

DianeLynn said...

It all looks so delicious. Wish I had some *sigh*
I am glad you had a great weekend and thank you for the photos...loved them

Big Dude said...

Fish looks delicious, been wandering where you were.

Rocco said...

nice big crappie jeanie!
so did you tell that guy bending your ear about cooking to check out your blog?

cowgirl said...

Wayne, it was a nice weekend. I got more sun and wind than I green eyes are red today. lol

Thanks Wayne, hope you had a good weekend too!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mr D or S! lol
It was kind of a last minute decision to go, but I'm glad I went. :)

cowgirl said...

Diane, the crappie and sand bass were so tasty! Sitting back watching others do the cooking was a plus too. :)
Thanks Diane!

cowgirl said...

Hi Big Dude!
The hot fish was great! There was slaw, fresh tomatoes and a few other dishes, but the fish and frys were all I tried. I was a happy girl. lol
Hope you had a fun weekend too. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Rocco!
I didn't mention my blog. I'm not even sure he took a breath between sentences. :)
I listened quietly.... and waited for the chance to gracefully make my escape. lol

Anonymous said...

Hey cowgirl,
last week i checked out your blog. im the guy who was going to dig a hole in my friends yard..remember? anyhow,i found myself
thinking.."hmm i wonder what that girl is up to? its good to see your having fun. your interesting life is so refreshing to read as the city screams outside of my inspired me to use my cast iron this weekend. last night about 9 of my friends and i had our football sunday kicked up a notch with some chicken marsala..not quite a cowgirl recipe but..i cant stop being sicilian. COWGIRL RULES!!!!!!!

Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

Hi Mike!
I do remember you! Sorry your friends wouldn't let you dig a hole in their yard for a pit. :)

It sounds like you had a great weekend too! Chicken marsala sounds tasty... I bet everyone loved it!
I can't imagine the view from your window, I've never been to your state. Someday I would like to see the north east though. Right now I can see my cows and horses in the pasture and a few dove flying around. There is a cool front going through so the wind is a bit chilly. I had to wear a jacket while feeding animals this evening.
It's nice and quiet around here. lol

Your recipe sounds a lot better than a cowgirl recipe. :)

take care, and thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey cowgirl!

Been following your blog for sometime now and truly enjoy what appears to be an unhurried life. Made some of your recipes, especially enjoyed the canadian bacon.

Friends and family...heaven

Joe in Fla.

cowgirl said...

Joe, Thank you so much! I appreciate your nice comments and am glad to hear the recipes are working out for you! The canadian bacon is one of my favorites too... I use it for venison backstrap and love the way it turns out.

Thank you for checking out my blog and thank you for stopping by to say Hi!!
Hope you have a great week. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks jeanie! your unpretentious demeanor is great!thanks for the compliment but im quite sure you could kick my --- when it comes to a stovetop guy. my family owned an italian restaurant in N.J since before i was a sparkle in my parent's eyes.its the opposite end of the spectrum here. outside is loud and obnoxious. i wouldve moved away long ago but i have a 7 yr old son who keeps me from leaving. just happens to be the best and only reason to stay!i just pulled his tooth out..maybe a little too early..woops!i think the tooth fairy only has 2 dollars in his purse..i mean uhhh that sounded wierd. anyway, thanks for the response jeanie! COWGIRL RULES! ;) have a great week!

Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

Shoot Mike, with your background I imagine you are a fantastic cook! Growing up in the restaurant business in NJ must have been an interesting childhood!
Hugs to your son, and congratulations on him making it through a tooth loss! :) He's a good reason to stay where you are Mike....the best reason a person could have. :)
Thank you again for the kind comments Mike!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a grand weekend Jeanie and someone cooked for you, Can't beat that deal. Everything looked tasty. By the way I opened a jar of your Twangy maters. Dang good they are. The kosher salt worked well. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it is a keeper.


cowgirl said...

Hi Jerry! Good to see ya. :)
I had a nice weekend and you're right, I enjoyed sitting back and relaxing while others cooked. lol
I'm so glad to hear the pickles worked out for you, I have never tried them without canning.
Thanks Jerry... Hope you had a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I am hooked... You always have me wondering what you are going to cook next. Look forward to seeing what is next. Thank you!


cowgirl said...

Thank you Bessie!
I do love outdoor cooking...well indoor too. lol
Thank you for stopping by! :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I'm glad the wise man finally let you do some serious fishing Jeanie. That could have been rough trying to bum some fish off the others. lol. You sure so get to go camping alot. I envy you for that. My turn is coming soon.

cowgirl said...

lol You're right Mark, it could have been a bit rough begging fish off the others. lol
It does seem like I have been able to camp a lot this summer. I'm hoping to go at least one more time before the snow flies.
It's getting harder to catch up on things when I get home though. I leave for 3 days and it takes a week to catch up. lol

Hope you get to relax a bit too Mark, do some quadding and canoeing. :)