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Friday, March 13, 2009

Left Handed Briskets

There is an old story about how right handed briskets are tougher than left handed briskets. The story states that "steers rest on their left side, which means when they get up they have to push harder with their right legs.....
when they push up with the right legs it flexes the right brisket muscle more so than the left. Therefore, the right-handed brisket will be tougher and less marbled than the left."

Being raised around cattle, I had not noticed whether or not they favor their left or right side.
I decided to do some checking this last year. After harassing the cattle within a 45 mile radius of my place... including my own cattle, I've witnessed cattle laying on both their left and right sides in equal numbers. lol ( yes, I was bored :) )



I love the way you seem to be living your life. From what I can gather from your many posts, is that you have mastered something of the lifetyle I am wanting to create for myself. I would love to pick your brain as to how you set yourself up to live such a perfect lifetyle and what you do with all this fabulous food you cook every day!!!


JP said...

Well I can eat barbecue brisket right-handed and left-handed, so no worries...LOL


cowgirl said...

Thank you Pony Expression!
I was raised in the country so it comes natural. lol
This is the way I was brought up.
I purchased a hunk of land and have been building up the farm how I want it.
It's my haven. :)

cowgirl said...

JP....Me too!! lol :)

cowgirl said...

"what you do with all this fabulous food you cook every day!!!"

Oops.. I missed this part!
I love cooking for friends and other times I make sure I cook enough for leftovers.
It's so handy to warm something up when I come in the house....especially on those days when I'm worn out and ready to relax. :)

trail dust said...

Hey Jeanie,
I've made the brisket before, but have never come across that story before. Thanks for giving me something to BS the others with around the smoker!
BTW, I just wanted to let you know I love your site, your YUMMY recipes and that you don't need to cut your hair ;)



Yes Cowgirl, I was brought up this way too - hunting and smoking our food, etc, and have done some of these things pretty much on going up until the past 5 years or so. Haven't been able to get it done on my own land for a few years now. Got stuck in this dang city. But am moving to Colorado this June to get it going again. I'm thinking off grid homesteading!

Gonna keep close tabs on how you are doing things... ;) I've got some sustainable ideas roaming around in my head. Gonna try to get em done.

cowgirl said...

lolol Darren! Thank you for the kind words and the laugh!! :)
I love your blog too... Your hikes are awesome!

take care

cowgirl said...

Pony Express.. sorry to hear you have to live in the city!
Hope you find a hunk of land to buy and move to the country.
It's so peaceful out here. :)

Ken said...

Blogger JP said...

Well I can eat barbecue brisket right-handed and left-handed, so no worries...LOL


March 14, 2009 10:02 AM

Not a worry here either, eat and cook em left or right handed , but thanks for the insight, never heard of that before , but you always amaze meeeeee........

miss ya


cowgirl said...

Hi Ken, it's good to see ya. :)
I've never worried about the briskets either. If smoked just right, they're all pretty tasty. lol

Hope you are having a good Monday. Miss you on the forums too. :)

Becky said...

Looks like somebody forgot to tell the cows! :-)

dracothehound said...

Now i see why you don't burn wood there is no trees thank god for gas heat lolol

cowgirl said...

LOL That's right Becky!

cowgirl said...

Dave, now you know why I use gas. lol
I save the wood for my smokers. :)

Bill said...

Tell me you didn’t fall for Shingleman’s yarn about the left handed brisket’s lol. I always figured that it was alcohol induced.
I just stumbled across your site, really nice.

Bill (WWD)

cowgirl said...

lol I didn't fall for it Bill, but had to have proof for some of my online smoking buddies. :)

(no pictures, it didn't happen)

Thanks for checking out my blog. :)