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Friday, March 27, 2009

My World

The storm made it here.
The snow is coming down, the wind is blowing a steady 35mph with gusts to 50.
The drifts are getting bigger.
The roads are drifting closed.
The power is going off and on.
I DO worry about my friends and neighbors and the animals.

The next thing on my mind is the killer snow angel I'm gonna make tomorrow when the sun comes out. :)

My pasture.....


Anonymous said...

Just when you think winter is over….. well it isn’t!
I was flying in that gunk tonight and we barely squeaked into our destination even with the enhanced vision HUD!
Anyway the boss is happy – for now. Wait until I tell him what the de-ice bill is going to be tomorrow!
Hope you stay warm. My partner and I are heading for some big steaks and cold brews. Your site is fantastic!

Phil said...

wow! We're still waiting for it to hit over here in Tulsa, I take it you're out west

cowgirl said...

Oh wow Anonymous, I'm glad you made it through this storm safe and sound! That had to be a hairy ride!
Wish I were there to join you for a steak and cold brew. lol
Sounds great!
Thanks for checking out my blog. :)

cowgirl said...

Hey Phil, it's coming your way!
I'm out's still coming down sideways and drifting pretty high.
Hope it runs out of power before reaching you. :)

Take care!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Maybe you should move to Canada Jeanie. The weather's alot nicer here. lol

dracothehound said...

You are getting some storm up hear its 65 today sun , the storm you are getting is like all winter up hear good thing is it will worm up

hope things are all good when it stops


cowgirl said...

Mark, Canada is starting to sound nicer every day. lol

I'm sure this snow will be gone soon. The pasture will be nice and green and maybe the morel crop will be good this spring. :)

Hope things are going good for you up there!

cowgirl said...

Dave, sounds like you are having beautiful weather up there!

Between you and Mark, Canada is starting to sound pretty nice. lol

Phil said...

I ended up getting about 14" of snow, just enough to keep me from being able to get my car out, and my 4x4 truck I've been working on wouldn't start, grrrr!

cowgirl said...

Sounds like you got hit good too Phil!
I'm not sure how much I ended up with, some say 16" and some say 24.. not sure how they measure snow when the wind is blowing so hard.

Hope you are doing well and keeping warm!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I gotta say, I am totally amazed with the weather in this world. I always thought that if it snowed way down there, you might get a little skiff or something that would disappear the next day, but 2 feet? this is quite amazing. Probably did you alot more good than bad in the long run though, hey Jeanie? A little moisture in the ground. I hope you don't get lost while making that snow angel Jeanie.

cowgirl said...

Hi Mark!
I imagine you see snow like this pretty often up there. :)
It really was a pretty snow and is melting fast. You're right about the moisture.. we needed it!

I did look for a shallow area of snow for my angel. lol
I could picture myself sinking 5' down into a drift and never being seen again. lol

Hope you are keeping warm up there.