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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Looks like I need to upgrade my picture storage at Photobucket... Sorry for the inconvenience folks! I'm working on getting them back up. :)

I wonder what will happen when I reach the end of the internet... is it possible to surf the net til you run out of things to read? I'm not sure I want to sit at my computer long enough to find out. lol


Anonymous said...

"I wonder what will happen when I reach the end of the internet..."

Ya'll probably fall off!!!
Thanks for the update!


dracothehound said...

Nice Picture ? i think i mist it lolol but the birds are singing in the warm sun lolol


Anonymous said...

Just one more way for them to get some MONEY.

Hope you are doing good, at least the sun is shining and the phones are ringing. lol


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

What the hay, Jeanie? Always something eh?. Now I suppose they want a $ million bucks.00 and then they will put your photos on again. I already miss seeing your blogs Jeanie.

cowgirl said...

lol Hey Gene, good to see ya!
I'll reach the end of the internet and fall off the edge and still have a smile on my face thinking things could always be worse. lol!

cowgirl said...

Dave...glad to hear things are warming up your way!! Great!

cowgirl said...

Ken, I think you are right! I have the option to purchase the upgrade and get my pictures posted the first of next month... or purchase something from their sponsers and get my pictures posted in one day. lol

I don't mind upgrading...just wish they would have notified me that my account was full.

Can you imagine me with a blog and NO pictures. lol

Good to see ya Ken and I'm glad to hear you are having sunshine and work is going good! You will probably be busy all summer now! :)

cowgirl said...

What the hay Mark! :)
I hope to have the pics up soon...
Sent my million bucks to them, just waiting to see how long it will take. lol
Hope things are warming up for you in Canada. It's starting to look like spring here. :)

take care!

trail dust said...

Looks like Cyber Terrorism. At least the picture of the smoke house is still up!

cowgirl said...

Hi Darren!
Good to see ya. :)

I checked...not all of my pictures are gone. Guess I could repost new ones until photobucket upgrades my account.

Hope you have a great weekend!

trail dust said...

Remember Jeanie, this is not a job, you work for nobody. Just take it easy, don’t worry about and it’ll get work out in time.

I’ll be working this weekend so no hikes for sure, but I hope that will give me time to finish another report.

I just miss that picture of the pig getting his back split in half with an ax…WOW!


cowgirl said...

Darren, your advice is always perfect! Thank you for that. :)

Looking forward to your next report, I enjoy reading all about your hikes!

They're more interesting than splitting pigs in half with an ax. lol

Ken said...

You got your pictures back, wonderful, your right you can't have your blog with out pictures. lol

cowgirl said...

lol Ken, I was tempted to draw pictures of stick people cooking. :)

Mark said...

I have been to the end of the internet - it's not pretty!


cowgirl said...

LOL Mark!!

Thanks for that! :)

JunkerJunk said...

Don't worry Jean. When Al Gore invented the internet he made sure it looped, not ended in a linear sense. You will come full circle eventually, but it will take so long that you will forget what you first read, and you will think that you are still going on to new things! Otherwise, if you came to the end, there would be a huge overload to the internet's flux capacitors and the space-time continuum would implode.
At least that is what I think....

cowgirl said...

lolol....Makes perfect sense to me Marty!
I like the way you think! lol