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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Cold Smoked Hungarian Kolbasz Gift

A really kind smoking friend from Canada named Andy, sent a sample of his homemade cold smoked Hungarian Kolbasz for me to try.
It was fantastic!

Andy suggested lightly grilling the kolbasz along with frying a few onions and jalapeno peppers....

Then frying a bit of kraut with the onions and jalapenos....

I toasted my bun....

Served the Hungarian Kolbasz on my toasted bun with the kraut, onion, jalapeno mixture...and a ribbon of spicy mustard...

It was wonderful!!! I hope to use Andy's recipe and make my own in the future.
Thank you so much Andy!


trail dust said...

Hi Jeanie!
As always that is another supper yummy meal you made. By the way, who's beer is that in the picture?

cowgirl said...

Thank you Darren!

lol My cold cup comes in handy, especially when friends are over...they know who it belongs to. :)
Good luck on your hike this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures on your blog.

dracothehound said...

This looks so good just one thing i hope when you Toasted your Buns that you ok and did not burn them lololol
and Thanks for the email about the new from Dave

cowgirl said...

lol Dave, I didn't get hurt.

Thanks and you're sure welcome. :)

Unknown said...

Okay, I have to say that looks fantastic!

Also, great idea to write your name on the coozy. Way to think ahead.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Peanut Butter!

The kolbasz was great... Andy did a super job making it.

Glad you like my coozy too, I take it with me camping too. lol
Hope you are having a great week!

Unknown said...

A fantastic week (excluding work lol)!!

I really enjoy following your culinary adventures. Thanks for that. Ialso hope to one day have enough room to emulate your smokehouse as I think that is AWESOME!! Sadly, however, city apartment life doesn't really permit for that level of involvement. Soon, however, things may change.

Anyway, keep it up.

cowgirl said...

Thanks again!

Glad to hear you are having a fantastic week too! :)

Hope you are able to find a bit of land or a place to build a smokehoue. It's an easy build and sure puts out some good eats. lol

Good hearing from ya and thanks for checking out my blog. :)