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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harry Soo's Peach Cobbler

Talented friend Harry Soo from Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ was featured on the cooking show Recipe Rehab  which aired on ABC last Saturday. I wish I would have had the chance to post about it before hand so folks could watch. I did see the show and Harry and his two children did a great job!

 I had not watched Recipe Rehab before and didn't know exactly what it was about. Two chefs are challenged to rehab a recipe, making it healthier.  They chose Harry's Peach Cobbler for this episode. 

The chefs remade Harry's recipe then Harry and Family made both chef's recipe's and decided which one they liked the best.
I have to chef remade the peach cobbler with what looked like granola, and the other chef put tapioca and blueberries in his. I'm sure they were tasty and a LOT healthier than the original recipe.... BUT there is something about the bacon drippings in Harry's peach cobbler that makes me think it would have won in a taste test by me.  lol 

Congrats to Harry and Family for being on the show!  I'm definitely going to make your cobbler the original way. :)


Chris said...

Yeah, those recipe re-dos are hit and miss. I've been watching that show because our friend Jaden Hair is on it a few times. I remember Harry's blog post where he admitted that he would still do it his way too.

cowgirl said...

That's the first time I had watched the show...wanted to catch Harry and Family in action.
Yep...Harry's cobbler looked and sounded best to me. lol
Thanks Chris, I will watch for your friend too.