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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smoked Codfish Tacos and Lupe's Deviled Eggs

I love smoked fish tacos and cod is one of my favorites (when I can find it).
I drizzled the fish with olive oil and sprinkled with a bit of lemon pepper before smoking in the Memphis Pro.

I used alder for a light smoke.
The frogmats came in handy.... really easy to lift the delicate fish when it was ready to remove from the smoker.

I made a fish taco with chipotle slaw and topped with some fresh pico.

The chipotle slaw
I Mix 1/2 cup of mayo
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, chopped (you can use more)
some chopped onion
salt to taste
a squeeze of lime juice
and 1 bag of pre-shredded cabbage
chill while smoking the fish.

It was really tasty.....

but the main reason I wanted to smoke some fish was to try out Lupe's deviled egg recipe. :)
Lupe uses fresh yellow fin tuna that husband Rueben smokes... (That has to be delicious!)
Here is Lupe's recipe

I boiled a few eggs, mixed Lupe's ingredients with the egg yolks..

the smoked cod...

Filled the eggs and topped with the smoked cod, then sprinkled with smoked paprika..

They were sooooo tasty. Thank you again Rueben and Lupe! I loved them. :)

Now if I could get a Masteryellowfintunafisherman to catch yellow fin tuna for me I'd have it made. lol


Anonymous said...

If anyone could figure out a way to home farm yellowfin tuna it would be you. For heaven's sake woman, you grow your own shrimp!

cowgirl said...

haha Kirby, I've already talked to a friend about catching a tuna for me. Somedays I think I was born in the wrong location.. I love seafood.
Thanks! :)

Triple T said...

Hi Cowgirl! I saw your blog on raiseing shrimp. It made me courious so i've done some research on raiseing shrimp. Most of my questions were answered but i would like to know how many shrimp you put in your pond,how much you feed them and about how many pounds you get at the end of the growing season? Also how big is your pond? Sorry for so many questions. The meal you fixed looks great!Tell Mr Q we are still praying for him! Hope you have a blessed day! Your friend Mark(:

Old Smoke said...

Jeanie you said.....
"Now if I could get a Masteryellowfintunafisherman to catch yellow fin tuna for me I'd have it made. lol"

I say.....
I'll bet if them fishermen knew how good you can cook.....they would be catching tuna and driving their boats all the way to Oklahoma.....just to share with ya.....:)

Glad ya got some rain, hope ya get MORE!!!!!It cooled off a bit here today BUT no rain in sight......:)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark!
The stock rate is about 16,000 juveniles per acre, my pond is only 1/8th to 1/4 acre in size. I understock.. usually from 1,000 to 2,000 depending on the size I purchase.
If you can get a 70% return at harvest you are doing good.
I've never weighed what I harvest.
There can be no fish in your pond they will eat the little ones.
feed varies too.. they do well on bugs in the pond. I've never spent over $20 a year for food.
There are 3 other people around here that also raise them with good luck.
Thanks for the kind comment Mark, I plan on talking to Mr Q today, I will pass on your well wishes. :)

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Rick! I think I might have to stick with cod or catfish or maybe crappie. :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Phil said...

I was watching TV the other night (doesn't happen all that often), and thought you need to be on that Chef Ramsey show Master Chef! =)

cowgirl said...

Phil you're too kind! I'm pretty sure my cooking wouldn't compare to what they do. I've not watched the show but will make a point to check it out.
Thanks Phil... (((HUG))) :)