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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Flat Iron Steaks, Peppers & Onions on a Hot Tortilla

I guess the title says it all. lol
Another really easy meal on the grill. :)

I'm one of the few people in this area still trying to keep a garden alive. Most have given up due to the drought and heat. Not sure if I will be harvesting much but it goes against my grain to just let the plants die. lol
(yeah I'm a softie :))

I've picked three summer squash and one zucchini so far....

The tomato plants are alive, not thriving... but alive. I've built them a shade and they are protected from the 100+ degree hot wind. Not sure if they will produce at all. I do see a few blooms starting on some of them.

The green beans are hanging in there. Again, not really thriving, just hanging on..

Plans are already in the works for a trip to New Mexico and the Rocky Ford Colorado area to pick up some produce if needed. The Rocky Ford area has some great veggies... all irrigated land.
If I didn't love playing in the dirt so much, I'd skip growing a garden and just buy all of my goodies there. :)


Anonymous said...

If you prune back the limbs of the tomato plant from the bottom up and water them hard with a little chicken poo and you will get more tomatos. I hope.

Jim Dorchak

marc said...

Thanks for sharing the menu and the garden update. Sorry to see that the heat and lack of rain are still having a heavy toll.
Don't forget that without the wind on your tomatoes you will have to pollinate them by tapping the flowers with a pencil or something similar. An electric toothbrush with an old brush works great to vibrate that pollen into place.

What no moon pics?

Triple T said...

Hay Cowgirl! your meal looks great as usual! Sorry to hear about your arms. Went back to read what happened but found nothing. Hope it's not serious.I tried hotdogs once had no luck with them either. We've been bailing hay here and man it's hot in that barn! Hope you get to feeling better we will be praying for you! Have a blessed day! your friend Mark!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanie,

Those plant sure look stressed. The tomato's should have been producing for a month or two, I guess, given the warm and sunny climate.

My outdoor plants have almost received too much water. So, I'll be sending some over this week;-).

I am having a great summer, except for the dry and 'hot' spring, we have had moderate temperatures (yeah, 20degrees C rocks;-)) and plenty of rain the past two months.

I saved a lot of seeds from commercially produced peppers (mild chilli and paprika=bell pepper) I bought at the weekly streetmarket last summer, and the handfull of plants outside are generally still flowering, and the paprika plants are flowering, but already sport a number of small bell peppers.

The five indoor peppers plants have been producing for two to three weeks, but only carry around 10 pods a piece. Problem is they are very mild, much milder than the ones I bought last year:-(.

One indoor bell peper is now orange, not sure if it will turn red or that we saved seeds from yellow paprika's.

How quaintly Small Town America that Rocky Ford Jeanie, would that be a big trip or just a few hours drive?

Take care of the arms, hope you have some help around to wrestle them pigs;-).


LindaG said...

Your food always looks so great!
Have a good trip!

cowgirl said...

Jim thanks for the tips! I side dressed the plants not long ago with cow poo. My chicken poo has not aged very long yet. I will definately try your trimming method.. Thank you. :)

cowgirl said...

lol Marc, yes I have moon pics. You know me well!
Hey I used the toothbrush trick one time a couple of years ago on a tomato plant I brought into the house for the winter. It worked like a charm. :)
Thanks friend.. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mark! I'm still on the mend...the hard part is not being able to get things done, I'm getting behind.
I don't envy you baling and stacking hay! I can imagine the heat in the barn. Hope you take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water.
I'm going to give the hotdogs another try...maybe in a different lake. :)
Thanks again Mark!

cowgirl said...

Hi Donald,
The unusual drought and high temperatures have put a halt on the garden. The wind blocks and shade have helped a bit but I'm still not convinced I'll get much produce this year.
Sounds like your plants are doing great! Yes please send any extra rain and cool weather this way. :)
The trip will be several hours. I plan on going through New Mexico on the way to Rocky Ford. :)
Thanks Donald!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! Hope you are having a nice week so far. I guess you are at the farm?

Anonymous said...

So, not doable/worth it to go there every couple of weeks to get fresh produce.

The shouldersteak looks nice, our local sucade doesn't work for flat irons, so you will have to spend on grain fed USA/Australian beef from restaurant suppliers.

No bees, wasps, or even flies to polliante the outdoor tomatoes?

Unfortunately last night I heard a few bangs and gawk gawk in the air. Must have been the second round of pest-control that I missed. Couldn't see any-one around, on the other side of the river. So no-one to ask if I could take home some of their garbage.
So, no naked goose titties in some butter for me at the end of this week:-(.

Old Smoke said...

Hey there...

I get busy and I don't stop by for a couple days and just look at ya.....:)
What have ya done to yourself?
I hope it's not too serious and that ya heal up soon. 'Cuz the "critters" need ya....:)

Sorry to hear about your veggie garden. I hope ya get some relief from the heat and some needed rain soon.
A couple of years ago I found a small family operated "truck garden" about 1 1/2hours away.. The produce is outstanding and cheap... We make "veggie runs" regularly, since our garden is not functional yet... it is all tilled up and ready for winter planting...

I have never used hot dogs, as bait, for catfish. Maybe they would stay on a baitholder type hook such as those used with Power Bait, (with a spring wound around the hook shank).

I have a day or two to "heal-up" (old busted up bodies need this) The patio project, is almost finished. All we have left to do is the roof, and some painting. I will send pic's when done....

Take of yourself....

Tango Joe said...

I wish you all the luck for a harvest this year in light of the conditions over by you. As for us, too much rain all at once just keeps beating things down. Like to share what we get with you for sure!

cowgirl said...

Yes Donald the trip would be too long to make very often. There aren't many farmers markets or stands in my area, it's rural and everyone pretty much grows their own garden.
Yes there are wasps and bees here.
Sorry to hear you didn't get a goose this week! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for next week. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rick! I'm having a hard time holding still for this. I don't know if I will ever mend. lol

Thanks for the spring hook idea. I was just using a treble hook.
Sounds like your patio project is coming along great! Can't wait to see the pics. Take care!

cowgirl said...

Thanks so much Joe! I hope you have a great harvest season too. Wish I could take some of that rain off your hands. :)
Hope you have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

New Mexico? Eat a bowl of green for me.

cowgirl said...

Will do Kirby! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Flat iron fajitas, most excellent!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! They are so quick and easy to make. Almost considered to be "fast food". :)