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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Campfire Meal

More pics from my last camp out. Ribeyes, bacon wrapped corn, potatoes and shrooms. :)

I had to throw in a pic of my favorite little camping chair. :)

I sliced some potatoes almost in half, filled sliced onions and a piece of bacon, then seasoned with salt and pepper and dotted with butter. Wrapped in foil and threw on the grill.

Sipped on a cold beer while the tatoes cooked.

I made the mistake of buying tall cans of beer... there is no way I can drink a tall can of beer before it gets hot! lol Notice the blue mountains on the can.. it's nice and cold in this pic.

I seasoned my corn and wrapped them in bacon..they went on the fire next with a skillet of mushrooms, onions, garlic and butter.

Lastly I grilled the ribeyes...

I was the only one who noticed we were eating meat with two side dishes of meat. When I mentioned it, it didn't seem to be a problem for anyone. :)

Notice the mountains on my beer can now? White.... the beer was hot. lol I just can't drink a tall can fast enough. :)

Sitting by the campfire was my favorite part of the day. :)

The weather is warming up now. I'm ready to go again!


pid said...

i couldn't help but notice the foiled potatoes looked like three doves had landed there to pick over the corn. more the bottom one, the top right one might have a little turkey in it.


Kevin L. said...

As a retired professional drinker I must tell you that the ability to drink a tall boy fast enough for the entire can to remain cold comes with practice. Nothing to worry about you have plenty of time to practice and become more proficient. The first mistake amateur drinkers make is to press too hard, relax it will come to you in time. Sit back, relax and continue with a steady practice routine and before you know it, those cans will seem to empty themselves!
Note: Due to a conflict of interest with the wife, I've had to retire from my professional status and return to the part time drinker status. but I do retain the knowledge and ability, just not the drive...

God bless, K.

Mrs. JP said...

Wow, I love a rib-eye meal with two sides of bacon!! Looks awesome but was there no moon out?
I knew I'd eventually catch a post w/ no moon picture! It must have been cloudy. Actually, I've tried to take moon pictures and failed so I love seeing yours.

Big Dude said...

Jeanie - I'm about to run out of positive things to say about your campfire meals. Bev and I occasionally bounce around the idea of getting a motor home, but if do I'm bringing it down to your lake, parking it near your campsite and working hard to get invited to your campfire for every meal - maybe Bev and I can furnish the food and wash the dishes.

cowgirl said...

hahaha I hadn't noticed that Pid! Thanks :)

cowgirl said...

LOL Kevin! Thanks for the advice! :)
I have a feeling those tall cans are out of my league. I'll never get the hang of it. :)
Thanks for the laugh!

cowgirl said...

lol Mrs JP! I actually thought about posting another moon pic but was afraid everyone was tired of those. lol
Thanks! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Larry, you and Bev would be welcome at my campfire anytime!
Thanks :)

Earthmuffin said...

When I saw your skillet of mushroom, onions and garlic it reminded me of one of our favorite camp meals. Smoked sausage, onions, mushrooms, seasoned with tarragon. Makes me want to pack up and head to the mountains and go trout fishing.

Rueben said...

This is just not fair. I just got done eating a full meal and I am hungry again just looking at all these pictures. Then again, whoever said life was fair.
Great job Cowgirl.

cowgirl said...

Earthmuffin that sounds tasty! Hope you get to go trout fishing soon. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rueben! :)