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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chinese BBQ'd Pork and Smokey Fried Rice on the Hasty Bake

I had the chance to try a second cook on the Hasty Bake Charcoal Grill/Smoker.

Went for one of my favorites... chinese bbq'd pork.
I trimmed the silver skin and butterflied a pork back loin...

Made my marinade.... (make a double batch if needed to cover the meat)

2 cloves minced garlic
one "thumb sized" piece of fresh ginger peeled and minced
3 tsp sherry
3 1/2 TBS soy sauce
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 TBs honey
1/2 tsp five spice
and about 1/2 tsp red food coloring
Bagged and let it chill overnight...

Layered scallions on the marinated pork.. then rolled and tied..

Onto the Hasty Bake at 225 degrees...

I used a few wood pellets in a pouch for a bit of smoke. Set the Hasty Bake hot coal grate to the lower "smoke" level. Made a basting sauce by heating the leftover marinade and reducing it a bit. Then rotated the loin every 15 minutes or so while basting.

Added a dish of rice with chicken stock....

Brought the pork loin up to an internal temperature of 145F , then covered with foil to rest while I made my smokey fried rice.

The Hasty Bake performed great! I loved the added charcoal-grilled flavor. :)

Probably said this before but I think I'm going to love this unit... :)

First Cook on the Hasty Bake


David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

That loin is gorgeous!

Big Dude said...

Great looking piece of meat Jeanie and that's a fine piece of hardware too.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why you'd be up so late then i realized i was up that late on your blog. So i went to bed. Still like the other grill better and not sold on "PELLETS" yet. Bud. Oh yea the pork looked pretty

cowgirl said...

David Thank you! I loved the flavor... hope you give it a try sometime. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Larry! I'm still getting a feel for the cooker, but having fun learning. :)

cowgirl said...

Hahaha Buddy.... You need one of these at your lake house. :)

Choppersgoodeats said...

Best blog out there!

cowgirl said...

Thanks so much D. Guth! I appreciate that. :)
Hope you're having a great week!

LindaG said...

You make me hungry and want to learn more about that Hasty Bake thingy. :)

Hope you're doing well!

Smokomotive said...

Smoked rice!!!
I bet I would like it.
The meat looks tasty!!!
I have to give it a try....but I´m still waiting for better wether

Kevin L. said...

You have a wonderful blog and I look forward to each new article! Can't wait to try a couple of your recipes. Must say you don't appear to be inconvenienced any by your really short thumbs as evidenced by your pic showing the "thumb sized" piece of Ginger (Sorry, I suffer from terminal Smart A$% and can"t control myself at times).
God bless,K.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! :)
You need one of these Hasty Bakes, they work great! I know there are other models too, but I like the features on this one.
Hope you are having a nice week!

cowgirl said...

Hi Chris! :)
You might like smoked rice, I know you love rice.
Hope you give it a try when the weather warms.
Hope you're not working too hard. :)

Thanks Chris!

cowgirl said...

lolol Kevin! Thanks for the laugh!
The ginger was wider than my thumb so I made up for the difference by shortening the piece. lol

Thanks again, hope you have a great day!

Unknown said...

Not sure if this site is still active or open?
Just purchased my first Hasty-Bake the Gourmet 256 model like you use.
Really have enjoyed seeing the first several things you made on the HB.
Will try mine today for the first time...chicken legs in the rotisserie basket.
Gary "WisBadger" Grimm

cowgirl said...

Thanks Gary! I'm still here, just behind in posting.
Great about your Hasty Bake too. They're pretty nice cookers. Your rotisserie chicken legs sound delicious.. I'll have to give that a try sometime.
Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet ya!

Unknown said...

Made the chicken drumsticks I bought from Costco (free range and no growth hormones etc.). Marinated some in Hasty_Bake rub and the rest in Wish Bone Italian Dressing. Put them in the Rotisserie basket and then added a chunk of peach to the charcoal and let the rotisserie rip.
Like most H-B beginners, had too hot a fire (too may chunks) and the chicken was actually a little overdone by a instant read temp, but it was the best tasting chicken my wife, girls and I have ever eaten. The real hardwood charcoal from H-B and the chunk of peach wood resulted in a really tasting smoke flavor, mild not overdone like with briquets.
13 large drums were gone in 10 minutes! They were absolutely the best chickenI have ever made, great smoke taste, juicy, very tender....just DELICIOUS!
Could not believe how juicy and tender thanks to the flat rotisserie basket.
3 racks of rib tomorrow!! Can't wait.

cowgirl said...

Gary, that sounds fantastic!! So happy it turned out well for you. I'm going to give that a try. Thanks for letting me know!