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Monday, June 29, 2009

Not the Best Place to Hide

One of my young heifers had her first calf. I've been keeping an eye on her in case things didn't go well.
She found a place far away from the herd and had no problem giving birth.

She also picked some tall weeds to hide her baby....

He's hiding by the fence post...

Unfortunately this isn't the best place to hide. Coyotes will be able to drag the baby under the fence, making it impossible for the momma to protect him.

With a little coaxing from me and the mom, the little fellow gave up his hiding place and searched for a new one farther into the pasture.

I'm happy to see that she's going to be a good momma. :)


Rothe Homestead Farm said...

Real nice lookin calf Cowgirl!
Great ta see the sun, even if it's only in a pic. :)


cowgirl said...

Thanks Gene! It's a cutie. :)
Are you sure you aren't living in a rain forest? lol

dracothehound said...

Just a little one ,you should get the deer rife out and get some of them Coyotes up hear we have the wolfs getting calf's and some small deer


cowgirl said...

Hey Dave!
Shooting coyotes is an almost nightly job down here. lol
Even get a few during the daylight hours.
I'm glad I just have coyotes, wolves would be an even bigger problem!

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, she's taking her baby off into the sunset. I'd have to guard them somehow. We have a few coyotes in TN but not like you do. When my Dad had to pull a calf or the momma didn't get it for some reason I got to feed them their bottles. I loved that part of growing up on a farm and baby calves are the cutest! My favorites are Herefords and second is Angus. More calf pictures!!!!!

cowgirl said...

Bottle calves are so much fun! The way they butt you with their heads is funny too. lol

I love the calves, they are too cute!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

He's a healthy looking character. I never would have thought of that, that the coyotes would drag him under the fence. Makes sense Jeanie. You must have had that happen once maybe.

cowgirl said...

Mark, he is a cute little character. :)
Yes, I've seen it happen.
The coyotes gang up on newborns.
Some keep the mom busy while others grab the baby. I've even seen them attack as soon as the newborn hits the ground.
(I do keep a rifle with me when checking calves)
At least the mom has a chance to fight them if she is farther into the pasture.
She is going to be a good momma, I can tell by the way she's taking care of him. That makes me happy! :)

Chris said...

Just gives me all the more reason to not feel bad about shooting coyotes, even if all I have at the time is a .30-06 :)

cowgirl said...

Good for you Chris! They do so much damage around my area....