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Monday, June 1, 2009

My Neighbor's House

The clump of trees on the horizon is a pic from my yard of my neighbor's ranch house.....
Glad they aren't noisy, I'd have to move. :)


Anonymous said...

Your killin' me. Those don't look like trees, they look like ants crossing the Sahara I'd love to bring you to Chicago, between your house and your neighbors'(guessing about a mile?) we'd have 105 houses in a row. City lot is 50ft wide. I wish my neighbors were that far, wouldn''t have to worry about walking from the house to the hot tub "buck naked" LOL

Have a great Day


cowgirl said...

lol OTT,
I don't think I could handle neighbors that close... even if I liked em. :)
I need elbow room. lol

It would be no problem to walk from the hot tub to the house buck neekid here. Not that I have ever tried it or anything like that. lol

My neighbors are about 1 1/2 to 2 miles away. They have a nice set of outbuildings and barns. Lots of trees...I'm sure you can tell by the picture that it's a nice place. lol

Hope you are having a great day too OTT. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanie..nice neighborhood, but you really need to plant a tree or two for some privacy.
Your Q-views are looking as great as ever!
You should make some nesting birdies real happy with the hair trimmings. Did I see a gray hair in one of those pic's? :) j/k
Thanks for sharing the stories, I really do enjoy them.

cowgirl said...

Hey Dan, it's good to see you.
I think you might be right....from the looks of that dark mass on the horizon, I think my neighbors could have one or two more trees than I do. I better plant more. :)

I probably do have gray hair! It would be from that fence jumping cow I hauled to the sale barn this winter. lol

Thanks for the compliments and for checking out my blog Dan, I appreciate it. :)


Jon said...

Hey Jeanie,
Howdy from down south of you! Love your blog, keep up the great posts! Good Stuff

cowgirl said...

Hi Jon!
How are things in Texas?
Just checked out your blog too, you have a nice farm going on down there. Great pictures and great looking blog!
Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by to say howdy! :)


Mrs. JP said...

Wow, I'm glad they're the quiet kind to - for your sake :O) And we thought we had it good. We can't see our neighbors house until winter when the leaves are gone but their only about 10 acres away. Yours look like a couple hundred acres away. You're a blessed girl.

cowgirl said...

lol I hope your neighbors are the quiet kind too Mrs JP. Sounds like you have it made...
That's nice too that the trees block their view! :)
Thank you Mrs JP!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

If my closest neighbors were that far away, they could make all the noise they wanted to. Thats the way it should be. I envy you big time Jeanie.

cowgirl said...

I like it a lot Mark.... I've never heard a peep from their way. Wonder if they can hear me? lol

It's good to see ya, glad you made it through the weekend! :)

Chris said...

And while you were taking this picture, they were thinking..."That nosy Cowgirl is spying on us again. We're gonna have to move!" lol

cowgirl said...

lol're probably right!