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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gene!

Happy Birthday to forum friend Gene!! Hope you are having a great day so far Gene!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Jeanie!!!!!
So far so good....this evening could be a totally different story, LOL!
Ya made my day....You are truly a treasured friend!!!


cowgirl said...

Hope you have a great birthday Gene!
I haven't made it over to any of the forums to say Happy I thought I'd do it here. :)

Happy Birthday and have a safe celebration!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent cake!!!
Gene, Happy B-day!!!Hope you are having a great celebration !!



cowgirl said...

Thanks OTT! :)
Remember to pick on Gene early tomorrow morning just in case he stays out late celebrating tonight. lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks SmOkingScOOby!!!!
I'm off on a quest for Beer (not that I haven't start already) LOL
No pickin on me in the enough of that from the family all day today. Thanks for the well wishes....very much appreciated!!!


cowgirl said...

lol Have fun Gene!