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Sunday, June 7, 2009

America's Best BBQ by Ardie Davis and Chef Paul Kirk

I'm not sure how or why.... but a very nice lady from Andrews McMeel Publishing Company in Kansas City contacted me awhile back asking if I would be interested in receiving a new cookbook to review titled America's Best BBQ... 100 Recipes from America's Smokehouses, Pits, Shacks, Rib Joints, Roadhouses and Restaurants.
The book is written by Ardie Davis and Chef Paul Kirk.

Anyone in the "Q" world will recognize these two fellows. :)

Ardie Davis is the founder of the American Royal International BBQ Sauce, Rub, and Baste Contest, as well as the Great American Barbecue Sauce, Baste, and Rub Contest.

Paul Kirk is the operator of Baron's School of Pitmasters and has won over 475 cooking and barbecue awards, including seven world championships, and the American Royal Open...... the world's largest BBQ contest.

I gladly accepted the book and have been pouring over it for the last couple of weeks.

Ardie and Chef Paul traveled the country searching for good Q. I envy them. lol Wouldn't that be a great way to spend a vacation?

In my opinion, if these two recommend a place as having great Q..... I'm going to believe them and give it a try.

The book contains a recipe from each of the 100 Joints they visited. They've included side dishes, rubs, meats and desserts.

I'm looking forward to giving these recipes a try.

The book came with a "menu" containing a state by state list of all of the best BBQ places. This will really come in handy for anyone who travels.

Overall, I like the book. ......Ardie and Chef Paul did their homework. :)

I found a few of places listed in Oklahoma that I can't wait to check out.

I'm sure that the Q places that Ardie and Chef Paul listed are well deserving, I also bet there are even more places out there that deserve to be included in the book. There are so many small, "Hole in the wall" places that are serving up some downright tasty Q. It would be a HUGE undertaking to discover all of them. Maybe their next book will contain 200 joints.. then 300. I guess it would be never ending. lol

If you know of a place that isn't in the book, Ardie and Paul invite you to contact them through the web site... and let them know about it.

That's pretty nice of them.... :)

I'm going to tell them they missed one and send in pictures of my backyard.... just kidding!!

I feel honored that I was contacted to receive a book to check out. :)

I like the book, and can't wait to try the recipes from all of these fine Q establishments.


Chris said...

That's pretty awesome! My blog hasn't ever gotten me anything except spam.

No, not the canned meat product....that would be an improvement:)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! It was a nice surprise. :)

Hey, you can always smoke that spam. lol

Anonymous said...

I'd come visit your back yard for some great Q. You have some of the most awesome dishes shown on your blog that can be found. Your platting is very eye pleasing as well.
Gizmo - Bradley Smoker Forum

cowgirl said...

Hey Gizmo...Thank you!!
You would be welcome at my fire anytime.

It's good to see ya! :)

chris lee said...

I'm over in norman and am really curious what places were on the OK list...
City places or country hideouts?
I'm a northern transplant and have come to love real smokey BBQ, my relatives all demand it when they visit.

cowgirl said...

Hi Chris Lee,

The Oklahoma joints listed were..
The Boneyard Grill in Guthrie
Stevenson's BBQ in Pauls Valley
Head Country in Ponca City
Van's Pig Stand in Shawnee
and Mac's Barbeque in Skiatook

I do not get to your area often but pass through sometimes when heading to Dallas.
If you try any of these could you please let me know how you liked them?
I'm in western OK...there are a few good hole in the wall places out here, one in Ingersoll that's pretty tasty.

I'm in the habit of driving behind a Q joint to see what kind of smoker they are using before stopping in to eat. lol Or at least check for a pile of wood! lol

Hope you find some good Q for your visiting relatives. :)

Anonymous said...

Stevenson/s is AMAZING!!!

cowgirl said...

Thanks for the info Anonymous!
I don't get to Pauls Valley often but will check it out next time I'm in that area!