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Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Ken in the Carolinas

Here is a link to the Morton Salt site...

You might be able to use their store locator to find Tender Quick in your area.

Hope this helps! :)


Ken said...

Thank you very much, I can't believe with all the country stores around one has it, but I will be getting it online now, again thank you............ and here are some pics of my kitchen

cowgirl said...

Ken, what a beautiful kitchen! I love it!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :)

Hope you have luck finding the tenderquick. :)

Ken said...

Cowgirl, thank you for the link to Morton's, I did have to order it, but it should be here soon, and have also talked with the local grocer and they will be able to start stocking it as well, so again thanks for getting the ball rolling. Will send completed pics of the outdoor kitchen with meat on, soon.

cowgirl said...

Ken, that is great news!

I'm looking forward to your completed pictures. Your outdoor kitchen is simply beautiful! :)