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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Big Honkin' Smoked Turkey Pastrami on Beer Bread Sammich

I've made these in the past... and promised myself I wouldn't make any more sandwiches that were bigger than my head... but I couldn't resist. :)
This is definately one to make when you have company.

I make the turkey pastrami by combining
5 cloves of garlic minced
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1/3 cup of paprika
2 TBS cracked black pepper
1 tsp of powdered ginger (I used fresh minced)
1 tsp of mustard seeds
1/4 cup of kosher salt
and 1/3 cup of crushed corriander

coat the turkey breast well, wrap and chill overnight. Place in a bowl while in the fridge to catch any drippings.

Onto the Memphis Pro with hickory for a short smoke then I raise the heat to 325.

Also added a skillet of beer bread brushed with butter and topped with minced onions.

Beer bread....

I mix 3 cups of self rising flour with
1/4 cup of sugar
a bit of salt
mixed with one beer

I made a smokey cheese disc by combining some of my favorite cheeses... I used mozz., jack, cheddar and american.

I let the cheese smoke until melted, then chill in the fridge...

I split the beer bread and started building..

added my smokey cheese disc....

caramelized onions

crisp bacon

greens to make it look healthy and pretty.. :)

I slathered the lid with a creamy horseradish sauce....

It was sooooo tasty. :)

I'll be making this again, but only when I have a house full of company!


LindaG said...

You make the best looking posts!
If you left the lettuce out, maybe you could freeze the extra?
Of course, any neighbors who see this will probably come by for a visit. ;)

Big Dude said...

Damn Girl - that is a big honkin sandwich and my favorite part is how you did the cheese - great idea. I'll have to give that spice package a try on a turkey breast. Did you put spices under the skin.

Anonymous said...

If you would let me know a day ahead of time I could help with the consumption of that big sandwich! Hope you are keeping warm...

dave from MN

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda!
Great idea on the freezing... bet I could leave the bacon off too so it won't get limp. Thanks for the idea! :)

cowgirl said...

Larry, thanks! :)
I didn't put the spice under the skin but bet it would be great that way. The cheese turned out tasty. I usually use provolone but this was nice for a change.
Hope you are keeping warm!

cowgirl said...

Dave, it's a deal! If you make it down... I'll provide the beer too. :)
Hope you are keeping warm!

marc said...

oy vay! Bacon on pastrami? And with cheese to boot! What would my rabbi say?

Oh wait ... I'm not Jewish, 7th Day or Islamic ... So I won't be breaking any dietary laws. Looks like I will have whip out a breast and make me a turkey pastrami with bacon and smoked cheese beerwich for myself.

Kevin Sandridge said...

Hey Cowgirl! This sammich looks soooo great! Question - is it OK for me to tweet your posts and mention them on my BBQ Facebook Page? Wanted to ask permission before doing so...

cowgirl said...

Sure Kevin, that would be great! I just frown on people who post whole posts from my blog on their site.
A pic and link to my blog are fine.
Thanks about the sammich... It was pretty tasty!

I really appreciate you asking first Kevin...Thank you!! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Marc, you are too funny!! Hope you're doing well and keeping outta trouble. :)

Mr. Clydesdale said...

Now that is an instant Cowgirl classic! Better looking than anything you see on a cooking show. I might have to make one of those.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mr. Clydesdale! :)
Hope you make one...and let me know how it goes!

Smokomotive said...

Mhmmmm looks good! Ohh and the cheese disk. Dinner for winner ;-)

cowgirl said...

Chris, Thank you! Thanks for stopping by too! :)

Shooter1 said...

Wow, awesome sandwich. I love the cheese disk, going to have to try that for sure. Jeanie, what are the little browned bits on top of the beer bread? Are you leaving out a secret ingredient? LOL

cowgirl said...

Thanks Michael! Those things on top are minced onions. lol
The disc turned out good, I tried to keep it fairly thin.
Hope all is well with you!

Old Smoke said...

I can't beleive ya used the whole thing on ONE sammie :)
How long in the smoke before cranking up the heat? Then how long @ 325*?

Try to stay warm....


cowgirl said...

Haha Rick, I still have at least half of the pastrami stashed for later. :)
I didn't keep good track of the time but low smoked for about 25 minutes then kicked the heat up until the internal temp was 170F. I covered the pastrami and let it rest for awhile before slicing.
Not much help am I? lol

I'd say the whole smoke took less than 3 hrs.

Thanks Rick!

Old Smoke said...

Lots of help.. All I needed was a guideline. I want to try that beer bread too. But, I'll have to add some baking powder to the "old fashioned" kind of flour.
(aka Mad Scientist).
Wish Me luck! :)

Anonymous said...

looks question since I'm not a very great long to cook the bread? I showed my husband your blog and he now insists I make him one of those yummy looking sandwiches. thanks in advance, tonya from texas

cowgirl said...

Glad to hear it Rick! Good luck with your bread too. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Tonya!
In an oven I would bake it at 375F for about 30 minutes or until brown on top and it sounds hollow when tapped.
When I smoke it at a lower temperature it takes about an hour.
Hope that helps!
Good luck with it Tonya. :)