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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wiener Schnitzel :)

For some reason I have not made weiner schnitzel... I've made many chicken fried steaks, they are similar but I've not made this weiner schnitzel before.
With the help and instructions from talented friend Chris in Austria ...I made my first attempt.
No one better to ask than Chris, he knows about good wiener Schnitzel!

I found some veal at the was already tenderized too.

I seasoned the veal...

floured the veal...

dipped in the egg/milk bath and then into bread crumbs....

fried until golden...

served with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, rice and salad.....

It was soooooo good and tender. I could cut it with my fork. I loved the Wiener Schnitzel! Can't believe I've not tried this before. I will definately make it again!

Thank you so much Chris for your recipe and help!


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

So THATS what wiener schitzel looks like. I always thought there would be wieners in it. Looks pretty tastey Jeanie.

Smokomotive said...

Yeaaaaaa...thats the way i like it ;-)
I guess you learned cooking in a good old vienna style kitchen.
From now on you´re a viennese master chef!

Thank you for the tribute!!!

murphyfish said...

excuse my ignorance, but was the seasoning just salt n pepper or was there more to it than that. Looks bloody well delicious though, cannot wait to give it a try.

Big Dude said...

It looks beautiful Jeanie. We had weiner schnitzel from a small gasthaus in Austria. He was actually closed and painting his place but asked us to come on in and he'd cook it for us. It was just as you describe yours.

Big Dude said...

Jeanie - Do you know how I can get an English version of Chis's blog?

cowgirl said...

Haha Mark, no wieners in the schnitzel. It was sooooo tasty, I can't believe I've not tried it before.
Hope to make it often now.
Thanks Mark!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Chris! I learned from the best.
Thanks for teaching me! :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you John! I used salt and that was it. I usually spice up chicken fried steaks but went with Chris' instructions on this. It was great! The lemon juice on top added a new level of flavor for me.
Hope you give it a try sometime.
Thanks again John! :)

cowgirl said...

Wow Larry, that must have been wonderful! I hear that it's really pretty in Austria. It's awesome that you have been! :)
I'm not sure how to get Chris' blog in english but I will ask him.
I've been using an online translator..they aren't reliable though. lol

Rawtalent said...

My mother was from Vienna and man could she ever make schnitzeln. Thanks for the memory.

cindy said...

Try the schnitzel with jager sauce (sauted mushrooms, onions, and wine or beer) poured over the top. Better than creamed gravy on chicken fried steak, as unAmerican as that sounds.

Mrs. JP said...

What can I say but, YUMM AGAIN! Man, I wish we lived closer, I'd be coming over to watch you cook all the time :)

Mr. Clydesdale said...

Yeah, looks awesome as usual.
Somebody needs to introduce GRAVY to Austria. Serious vitamin G deficiency there.

cowgirl said...

Rawtalent I bet your Mom's cooking was fantastic!! Thanks. :)

cowgirl said...

Mmmmm Cindy, I love that sauce on grilled ribeyes. :)

cowgirl said...

Mrs JP, you and JP would be great neighbors!!
Thanks. :)

cowgirl said...

Haha.. Mr Clydesdale, gravy is pretty good stuff. :)

Unknown said...

Was? Keine Spaetzel? Keine Salzkartoffeln? Kein Rotkohl?

Gehe du zurück zur Küche und anfang wieder an.

Rufe du mich dann. Ich komme zum deine haus und esse Abend essen mit dir.

Ich auch werde bringen Blumen und

(schüchternes Lächeln)
Schaut auch geschmackvoll!

Smokomotive said...

Hi people
I would never cover Wiener Schnitzel with any souce....for my tast it doesn´t fit.
The bread would be wishy-washy (hope it is english).
I like Jager souce, on grilled o fried meat, not on deep fried breaded meat.

cowgirl said...

Haha Marc, I had to use the google translator to see what you said.
I do love spaetzel! The rice was soooo tasty though. :)

Thanks Marc!

cowgirl said...

I agree Chris, the wiener schnitzel didn't need sauce. I like the flavor the squeeze of fresh lemon juice added. It was just right! :)
Thanks again Chris!

Smokomotive said...

Good work!
I guess you are from Austria? ;-)
But Wiener Schnizel needs no Rotkohl or Salzkartoffel.
Rotkohl is a real good side dish for duck and Kartoffelknödel ;-)

cowgirl said...

Now I want to learn how to make red cabbage and potato dumplings. :)

Dian & Dennis said...

Hi Jeanie :
Great photography, as usual. A nice variation, that my wife & I like, is to fold in half, with blue vein cheese, with chopped bacon, in the middle, before crumbing. Cordon Bleu, ( blue ribbon ).
Dian & Dennis

cowgirl said...

Thank you Dennis! Your Cordon Bleu sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

@ Chris
Sorry Chris, no Osterreicher here. Just a little ole poor 'merican who was stationed in Berlin (then West Berlin) long before the re-unification.
So my taste lean a little more to the Prussian, and I love my Rotkohl!
My German is so bad that I was often told ... Du spreche deutsch wie ein Turk.


cowgirl said...

Marc, you are a man of many talents!

Smokomotive said...

Unbelievable...Du sprechen wie ein Turk. ;-)
German is not so easy, a lot of Germans and Austrians have problems with the german language
Rothkohl is ok, I like Rotkohl too.
It´s a phantastic side dish for duck and dumplings.
You should try a Wiener Schnitzel without Rotkohl and take a extra portion of Rotkohl to the Dumplings ;-)

miketurner1 said...

OOOHHH! That looks good! I lived on Schnitzel when I lived in Deutcshland! Jaegerschnitzel was pronanly my favorite with a big helping of Spaetzle! Nice to see ya give your food some "International" flair!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mike! :)
I envy you.. it must have been beautiful over there!
I think this Schnitzel is going on my favorite foods list with bacon and chocolate. lol

Anonymous said...

Veal huh? I'll bet that was really good! This is actually my preffered method for pork chops. I just pound them down to about a 1/4" and prepare them the same way, then top with a sour cream dill sauce... I've never tried veal actually. I guess now I'm going to have to eh?


cowgirl said...

Sour cream dill sauce? Dave I need your recipe. :)
It sounds tasty too!
I loved the Weiner Schnitzel..hope to make it again.
Thanks Dave!