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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hasty Bake Charcoal Smoker and Grill

I have purchased a new toy... The Hasty Bake Gourmet Charcoal Smoker and Grill.

The Hasty Bake arrived Friday evening and I didn't get to open the box until the next day.
The wait was not easy!

The Hasty Bake Company, located in Tulsa Oklahoma, has been in business since 1948.
That's amazing to me and it says a lot for the company.
To be in business for this long AND to have a long line of happy customers.... they must be doing something right. :)
I have a feeling they know what they're doing when it comes to these charcoal ovens.

This one is the Gourmet model...they have a wide variety to choose from.

The set up process was a breeze.

The top of the cardboard package lifts right off....the whole unit is wrapped in protective foam and plastic..

The two tools required for assembly....a crescent wrench and a phillips screwdriver.

The only thing to assemble is to attach the side table and attach the handle to the hood. Very easy....

The shelving, grates and handles are contained in a box in the bottom storage area of the unit. Hasty Bake even includes a package of their lump charcoal and fire starter.

The hot coal rack slides out for easy loading....

The shelves, grates and handles....

A drip cup for grease attaches beneath the shelf on the left side...

The handle for raising or lowering the hot coal rack....

You can lower the hot coal rack to smoke at lower temperatures or raise the rack for a high-heat sear.

The lower grates are V shaped, allowing any drippings to be channeled to the center, then out to the drip cup.

Another great feature on the Hasty Bake... the window. No need to open the lid while cooking, you can keep an eye on things with a quick glance. Keeping heat and smoke inside.

The hood is also ventless... circulating heat and smoke around the food.

Now for the test run... :)

For more info on these and other Hasty Bake models, check out my smoking Pals site... Big Poppa Smokers. I'm sure he would be happy to set you up with one and his service can not be beat! (Thank you BP!)

I'm looking forward to seeing what this unit will do!

My First Cook on the Hasty Bake


Rocco said...

you get any more smokers and you will have to make your patio a little bigger!

cowgirl said...

:) Rocco, I think you might be right! Sounds like a good reason to expand the area though..
Thanks! :)

Nick said...

Jeanie, Must be something in the air. I was checking out Chez's blog today and he also just got a new toy (CB500X Portable Grill by Char-Broil). Can't wait to see what both of you cook up on your new toys. Enjoy!

cowgirl said...

Hey Nick, You need to take the plunge too! :)
Hope you are keeping warm this winter. I imagine you are dreaming about hunting and fishing season like I am. lol
Thanks Nick... :)

From the mouth of Kevin Stewart said...

Sweet Jeanie!! i have been wondering about them things since i first heard about them from big poppa. let us know how it goes, im curious how long it will be til the glass smokes up.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Kevin!
I'm excited about trying this out. I like the idea of the adjustable hot coal rack.
I've not read or heard anything about the window smoking up but will watch for that.
Thanks again Kevin! :)

Jeffery said...

Good lord, that looks like an amazing piece of equipment!! ;) What will be first to go in it?? Enjoy....your so spoiled!!! lol

Smokomotive said...

Looks real good....... nice toy!!!!!
The offer still holds.
I will have a wwwwwwary eye on it

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried an Orion cooker/smoker?

Kevin said...

Not tons new to offer here other than the fact that I think this is a great little smoker! Appreciate you posting the assembly process / unboxing of it here. Will stay tuned for your test cook results!

cowgirl said...

lol Jeffery... I'm feeling VERY spoiled right now. :)
I did some reverse seared ribeyes on the grill for my first attempt. Hope to post pics soon.

Thanks Jeffery! :)

cowgirl said...

:) Chris Thanks!!
I think I will hang onto the grill... I am already starting to love the thing!
Thanks for your offer though. :)

cowgirl said...

Amomymous, I've not tried an Orion.
I'm not sure how they work or if they put out good food or not... I just have no idea. Sorry!

Thanks for stopping by!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Kevin!
I'm looking forward to seeing what this unit will do. So far I'm very pleased with the outcome.
Hope to post my first grill soon.

Thanks again! :)

Mark said...

You know, Jeannie, when you get too many of those toys and they are crowding you out of your place, I can run up with a gooseneck and lighten your load...

I have heard nothing but great things about he HastyBakes.


cowgirl said...

Haha.. Mark, I'll keep your generous offer in mind. :)
I've heard only good things about Hasty Bake too. They must have it down after being at this business for so long.
Thanks Mark, good to see ya. :)

Unknown said...


I currently live in Tulsa and can't tell you how many times I have been to the Hasty Bake Showroom and looked around. I want one so bad! Very interested to hear how you like the Hasty Bake.


cowgirl said...

James, I envy you! :)
It would definately be like a kid in a candy store for me.

I was able to try my first cook with it and was really happy with the outcome.
I hope to post pictures soon... just gathering them up right now. :)
Hope you get a Hasty Bake James, we can compare recipes and notes!
Thanks.. :)