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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catfish n Hushpuppy Time

Talking with talented fisherman and BBQing friend Chris from Austria has me yearning for warm weather and that little lake again. Chris catches some amazing looking muskies... something I've never tried but would like to some day!

Even though I caught several sticks and little "Nemo" fish this summer, I did catch a few keepers. Enough to bring some home to enjoy this winter. :)

I cut some of the filets into smaller nuggets... sprinkled with fresh squeezed lemon juice while I made my coating and hushpuppies..

I added minced onions and jalapenos to the hushpuppy batter...
Made a fish coating from flour, cornmeal, salt, lemon pepper and cayenne.

Fried the hushpuppies until golden...

then the catfish....

Served with a bit of slaw and tartar sauce...

I didn't make it to the slaw.... I dove right into the catfish. :)

It was soooo tasty! Reminded me of the fun I had catching them.

If the weather warms up I hope to head out and try my luck at some crappie soon!


Greg said...

Wonderful catfish. Reminds me of Indian River days:)

Big Dude said...

Magnificent looking plate of food.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Greg! They were sooo tasty. :) I've not been to the Indian River but imagine it's nice!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to fish all over the world.... I would love to be able to do that.
Thanks for stopping by Greg, hope you have a wonderful week!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Larry! I bet you have plenty of fish in your freezer too. I love your dock... think I could spend all of my time out there. :)

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

it feels like the 4th of July... great post

Anonymous said...

hey! long time... Wow i have not stopped by in a while..missed alot of good cookin i see! A friend of mine mentioned she wanted to do a crab boil when the weather gets that made me think of you. I remember seeing that on here if Im not mistaken? well anyway..glad to see your busy and having fun! Hope all is well.

Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Dave! I'm sure ready for spring. :)
Hope you are keeping warm this winter!

cowgirl said...

Hey Mike, Good to see ya, it's been awhile. :)
Hope life is treating you well!

I do a lot of crawdad, shrimp and crableg boils.. they are similar to straight crab boils. Sounds like it's going to be a fun party. Hope you take pics. :)

Thanks for stopping by Mike, take care!

Smokomotive said...

Thank you for the link!!!
I become a star ;-)
Your cat fish looks realy fine.
A little bit early (8:00am), for a meal like that, but.....why not.
I think the coat is the same for Wiener Schnitzel.

cowgirl said...

:) Chris, you were already a star!

I forgot about the time difference. You must be going to work when I'm going to sleep.

I am going to try the Wiener Schnitzel if I can find some veal.
Thank you Chris! :)

Smokomotive said...

The time difference is bad and works against a grill partnership.
But whe have to take this challange ;-)

Yes try Winer Schnitzel!
Your family/friends will like it and you will be the master chef

cowgirl said...

:) I like a good challenge!
Sometimes I come up with my best ideas when I'm sleeping. lol

So far my friends are nice to me about my cooking. They never seem to complain. :)

Smokomotive said...

I think it´s a good challange!!
I saw your meals and there is NOTHING to complain!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! :)
My friends are nice...they never complain. I guess if they do they will have to do the cooking. lol

I see several recipes on your blog that I want to try. I'll probably have questions if I can't find the right ingredients here.
You are a great cook!

Smokomotive said...

Can´t understand.
Cooking is one of my favorite pastime.
i think the ingredients are very simple.
i hope i find a answer for your questions.

thank you...for the "great cook"

cowgirl said...

I'm looking forward to learning more recipes from you Chris. I can tell that you know what you are doing. Your cooking looks great!

Smokomotive said...

Thank you!
I´m shure we can learn from each other!
Cooking and English in my case ;-)

cowgirl said...

I need to learn your language too! Your English is very good.

Smokomotive said...

It´s not so good.
It is often hard to find the right words.
I´m not sure about the "sense" and is it correct...but i will work

cowgirl said...

You do a great job Chris! :)

Smokomotive said...

Thank you!
You make me confident!

cowgirl said...

You are welcome!
Now I need to learn your language! :)

Smokomotive said...

No problem.
The first lesson you have mastered.
Wiener Schnitzel und can stay at Austria for a long time and everybody knows, youre a great cook!

I get hungry!
I jump from catfish and hushpuppies to smoked ribs ;-)

cowgirl said...

Wiener Schnitzel and Bier... Hope mine turns out as good as yours!

Yes, I need to make some more ribs, they are one of my favorites!

I hope to get my smoker going while the weather is nice outside. My snow is almost melted and the weather is warm this week!

Smokomotive said...

Last weekend i tried to make pizza in my cobb.
For this small grill a real adventure.
Temperatures less then 0 degree are not the best for grills like that

cowgirl said...

That sounds good! Did you use a special pizza pan or one of those pizza stones?

Smokomotive said...

i have no stone or pan for the Cobb.
I had to improvise.
I put it with baking paper on the grid.
It works quite good

cowgirl said...

ah...I bet that worked good!
I have no stone but sometimes use a tin pan.

Smokomotive said...

quite good
For the first time it was ok.
Next i will use a pan or something else that fit in to Cobb

LindaG said...

Stick fish are always hungry. ;)

But you caught some lovely catfish! Thanks for sharing your post. Maybe next time you can share the fish with us. ;)

cowgirl said...

Chris I hope you take pictures of your next pizza! Bet it was tasty. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! Aren't those stick fish something else. I seem to catch several every summer. :)

Smokomotive said...

It was good.
I have one ore two pictures.

Brinkley said...

Cowgirl lately thoughts of your fattie rolls and piston have been keeping me up at night. I am wanting to try something like this and need to make a piston. Wondering if you would share any of that information. What size dia. of pvc is ideal and what do you use one the end of the plunger. Did you have to trim something down to snuggly fit the inside of the pvc or where you able to buy something that works ideal.
Would appreciate any info. You can email me if you would rather.

cowgirl said...

lol Michael, sorry to hear they have been keeping you awake. :)

The piston is easy to put together. The pvc needs to be schedule 40 or potable water grade pvc.
The inside "piston rod" tube is 1" in diameter and I cut it to 11" in length.
The outside tube is 2" in diameter and I cut it to 8" in length. I glued a 1 1/4" cap on one end of the thin rod (it fits into the palm of my hand).
Then I cut a disc of plastic for the other end. I did have to sand the disc a bit to make a tight fit inside of the 2" diameter tube.

I see that some folks are making them now with a second cap on the end instead of a plastic disc. I'm not sure if they are getting a tight fit with the cap though. (hope that makes sense!)

I roll out my fattie sausage inside of a one gallon baggie. The baggies are about 10" wide so I only fill the stuffing tube with about 8" of filling. I chill the filling if it has any cooked or hot ingredients before placing it onto the sausage.

There are so many fillings you can use, anything you like!! I seem to be fond of the fried potato, ham, onion, cheese, jalapeno one. :)

Good luck Michael, hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to contact me too. My contact info is under the profile pic on the right.

Let me know how it goes! :)

cowgirl said...

Chris, I looked over your BBQ blog last night and couldn't find the pizza. Everything else looks great though! :)

Smokomotive said...

you´re right..i have to add the Cobb pizza pictures. I´m a little bit lazy at at the moment ;-)

cowgirl said...

haha...not lazy, you're probably just busy.

Smokomotive said...

I prefere lazy ;-)
It sounds better than busy

cowgirl said...


Mrs. JP said...

That's one of the only fish meals that I really love. We always have grits w/ fish...must be a southern thang...LOL..

cowgirl said...

Grits!! I love grits Mrs JP... Next time I'll make those. Thanks! :)