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Friday, November 5, 2010

Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breasts

A talented smoking friend who goes by the name of Drholly, kindly shared his wild rice stuffing recipe with me last week..
Due to me having too many irons in the fire.... I just found the time to try his recipe last night.

I used some of my dried morels...

the stuffing... onions, garlic, the morels, wild rice, celery, marsala wine, balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs...

butterflied and pounded the chicken breasts to flatten..

rolling was the tricky part! lol

I had to laugh.. I didn't exactly plan on making so many of them. There were enough to feed an army.

Into the Memphis Pro at 350 degreesF

I love the way the Pro crisps the bacon...

I picked the smallest one and stared at if for a minute..

realizing there is NO way I could eat the whole roll, I cut it in half....

The wild rice stuffed chicken was wonderful!! I made smashed tatoes and mushroom gravy with a side of steamed asparagus..

Thank you so much for your recipe David!! I loved it. :)

David's recipe...

1 sweet onion (diced fine)

2 -3 garlic cloves (diced fine)

3 celery ribs (yup - diced fine)

Mushrooms - couple cups chopped (I had shitake and baby bellas on hand - something earthier than the bellas would be good)

cooked wild rice (I start w/1 cup of the broken stuff and 3 cups of home made chicken broth for cooking it)

a little Marsala wine

a few drops of Balsamic vinegar

fresh parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

While the rice is cooking, warm some canola oil in a pan and melt a pat or two of butter into it. Add the onions, garlic, and celery - cook till translucent and scoop into a bowl. Add a little more butter and then the mushrooms. Cook them on medium til they give up their liquid. De-glaze with the Marsala and cook a few minutes to take the alcohol edge off. Add the onion mixture and continue cooking. Add a scoop or three of the liquid from the cooking rice - cook till most of the liquid is gone and put in a big bowl.

Chop the herbs and add to the hot onion / mushroom mixture - mix well.

Drain any remaining stock from the rice and add rice to the bowl - mix well.

At this point I tasted it and felt it needed something (beyond a bit of salt & pepper.) My first thought was a bit of lemon - but I decided to stay on the "darker" side and went with just a little (maybe a teaspoon or two) of some really good balsamic vinegar. That did it.

Thanks again David!


drholly said...


You have taken what was a pretty good idea and turned it into a visual and I am sure flavor filled masterpiece. Chapeau! Thank you for the shout out and also for improving on the original!

cowgirl said...

David, thank you again for your recipe. You're being too kind.. there was no way for me to improve on the original. lol
Thanks! :)

Big Dude said...

You're on a roll lately girl - this looks great - I need to find me a secret morel patch. Isn't it about shrimp harvest time or did I miss it.

Ron said...

Do you all mind sharing the exact recipe for the stuffing? It sounds really good, what with the ingredients listed.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Larry! I have been busy lately.. you missed helping with the shrimp. lol
Enjoyed your deck closing party pics.. looked like a great way to celebrate the end of summer. :)

cowgirl said...

Ron, I believe David is on a trip to Florida for a few days but will get your message to him via the cooking forum.... see if it's Okay to post.
Hope you are having a nice weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

That does sound like an awesome stuffing. Add me to the list of those interested in specifics. I might add some sausage to it.

It might be interesting to smoke that stuffing for a while before stuffing a roasting chicken or a turkey with it.

Craig said...

I have been looking for something a little different for Thanksgiving this year and I think you nailed it.
But in keeping with tradition it will be turkey. Thanks!

cowgirl said...

Chezjake your variations sound good too! Let me know if you give them a try. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Craig! It's funny you should mention turkey... David's original recipe was for turkey but I didn't have any on hand and used chicken.
Hope it turns out well for you! :)

Jim Dorchak said...

Man this is an awsome meal that I will be cooking for sure!

I did not see Lamb and I thought you might like to see this one.

I will try to put some pictures up tomorrow.

Love your page.

Ross Maehl said...

Tasty and Beautiful

cowgirl said...

Thank you Jim! I will check out your lamb recipe...thanks.

cowgirl said...

Ross, it's good to see you! :)
Thanks...the stuffed chicken was tasty!

Jim Dorchak said...

Hey Cowgirl!

The pictures are up on my page now. We cooked Smoked Lamb for dinner tonight with Artichokes and Rice. I got some good pics for you to see how it went.

On a side note I am an old DC-3 and Beach 18 pilot. I flew corporate and airfreight for about 8 years. Would love to see some more aviation on your page.

Thanks again.

Old Smoke said...

Hey Jeanie
I was in the army a looooooong time ago:) So I am volunteering to help ya get rid of that GREAT looking meal.(If there is any left):)
Happy Trails

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Simply amazing Jeanie. I would love to sink my teeth into something like that. I've never tasted a morel, but they sure do look tastey, especially when wrapped in chicken and bacon like that. Asparagus has got to be the best veggy too.

cowgirl said...

Jim, thanks for the heads up, I will check your pictures out.

I bet it was great flying the old DC and the Beech. :) I've been meaning to post more aircraft pics.. I enjoy hearing from pilots around the globe. :)

cowgirl said...

Hey Rick.. I appreciate the offer! :)
Hope things are going well for you.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mark! They were really tasty. You've never tried morels? That's one more thing I need to add to my list of things to send to you... (along with the armadillo, rattlesnake, brisket and tarantula) lol
Asparagus is one of my favorites too, they are sooooo good. :)
Hope you are doing well and not working too hard.
Thanks Mark...

cowgirl said...

David has graciously given his consent for me to post his recipe.
Thank you again David! :)