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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall is definately here..

It rained pretty heavily for a couple of days this week... even saw a few snow flakes.
As soon as the weather started to break and the sun peeked beneath the huge cloud, I ran out behind the house to watch the show.
These aren't the best pics, it was so pretty in person...and the crisp cool air smelled wonderful. :)

While the sun peeked under the cloud cover, I ran around to the front porch to check out the pasture. The old cottonwood tree by the plum thicket seemed to be glowing. It was shimmering gold. :)
It was a beautiful evening....

I know... I'm easily entertained! lol


Craig said...

Awesome photos! Like I always say "the view from the porch bets any thing on TV!" I'm easily amused Too.

cowgirl said...

Well said Craig! I couldn't agree more. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great view. You are so lucky. Wish we could get a couple days of rain here in southwestern Ohio we are over 9 inches behind. Just hope it is not made up in snow.


cowgirl said...

Shoot Jerry, 9 inches behind is quite a bit...hope you don't get that much snow too!
I'll send the next cloud burst your way. :)
Thanks Jerry!