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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you again

I just returned from 4 days of camping and see that my friends here have been busy..
I appreciate the votes of support from all of you..
Proof that I cook too much .
Hope some of my outdoor cookin' has helped or given you ideas of your own to try.
Thanks friends...


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that your recipes make me look like a real chef. I made a 7 lb sourkraut and apple stuffed pork loin on mother's day for a large portion of my extended family along with bacon wrapped brussel sprouts. AWSOME! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes!

Dave from MN

cowgirl said...

Dave I'm so glad to hear you liked them!! Thanks for letting me know.
I'm glad to hear you have tried some of my recipes too..
you've made my day! :)
Thanks friend. :)

Unknown said...

cowgirl, don't know what's going on in your world, but you were my inspiration to start a blog and I'm amazed at the effort you put into your blog &'re my hero, but I want my blog to stay fun and on my schedule. Thanks for all you do...come on down and fish with me a few of days. You'll always be welcome, and we won't do any serious thinking. :^)

cowgirl said...

Wow Capt. Ron.. Thank you! You're a good friend. :)
I enjoy your blog too, love the scenery down there and the fishing makes me drool. lol I would love to come down there and try catching a few of those someday.
Thanks so much Ron.. (((HUG))) :)