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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hickory Smoked Beef n Barley

I love barley..... and I love beef.
Seemed like a good combo to try. :)

I layered some thin sliced beef steaks, overlapping to make one sheet of meat....

Topped with barley and minced scallions that I cooked in beef broth and seasoned with pepper..

rolled and tied.
I folded in the ends as I rolled, sort of "eggroll" style... then sprinkled with Big Poppa's Secret Steak Seasoning.

drizzled brussel sprouts with olive oil, seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt, then wrapped in bacon..

Made some Big Poppa party potatoes. These are sliced, layered with onions, sprinkled with slivers of garlic, Little Louie's Seasoned Salt with Pepper, then drizzled with melted butter.

into the Memphis Pro at 295F with hickory....
I basted the beef rolls with butter to keep them moist.

The smoked barley stuffed beef roll was excellent!

I might be the only person on the planet who likes brussel sprouts.. :)
These bacon wrapped smoked sprouts were tasty!

I loved Big Poppa's potatoes too...

I'll be making this one again. :)


Marc van der Wouw said...

OMG this is awesome!!! love the Brussels sprouts,nice idea...the beef looks very good too...gonna try this for sure..

Rocco said...

I love brussel sprouts!
i haved tryed to grow them many times but allways fail at it, and wind up with little buds in november when the first snow falls

Mark Schafer said...

This will work great for that Sirloin tip roast in my frezer.
Thanks for the Idea

Big Dude said...

That's a great looking platter of grub and I especially like the bacon wrapped sprouts

Shooter1 said...

Wow! I woulda never thought of Barley for a stuffing. The sliced shots look delicious. The final plated shots are really nice too!
Lovin the brussel sprouts with bacon, will have to try that.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

This looks perfect for me right now... I need a barley recipe for a project, PERFECT timing

cowgirl said...

Thank you Marc! I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who likes brussel sprouts. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Rocco!
Sorry to hear they won't grow well for you. I have had good luck with them here but have not planted any for a couple of years. I need to do that again.
Hope you try the bacon/smoker idea.. they are tasty. :)

cowgirl said...

You're sure welcome Mark! Hope that sirloin turns out well for you. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Gerald Caldwell said...

Question on the sprouts....did you do any blanching or precooking before wrapping in bacon? The Beef-Barley roll reminds me of a fatty, and looks real good. Did you go more direct heat for the beef, since the barley was already cooked? Thanks.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Larry!! Glad to hear you like those sprouts too. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Michael! I love barley..
I spiced it up pretty well with pepper. :)
Hope you give it a try, let me know if you do!

cowgirl said...

That's great Dave! Hope it turns out well for ya. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Gerald!
No blanching on the sprouts but it would cut down on cooking time if you did.
I did a straight smoke on the beef roll. Brought the IT up to 145 and let it rest.
After taking the beef and tatoes off the smoker I kicked up the heat a bit to crisp the bacon on the sprouts.
I like doing sprouts at a higher temp (325 or higher) but wanted to do everything at the same time.
(I had other things going on and threw this in the smoker while I was busy. lol )
Seems like I cook like that a LOT..
One of the reasons I love this Memphis Pro!! It takes care of itself while I get other things done.

The whole cook took about 1hr & 45 min..
Thanks again Gerald! :)

Rustedgranny said...

Just found you through a link from Billy Bob's Travels and glad I did. Not only does your food sound delicious it looks even better. I'll be back to see what your up to.

cowgirl said...

Thanks so much Rustedgranny! It's nice to meet you. :)

Rueben said...

What more can I say.....Chef Cowgirl. Great imagination, execution and presentation. Food Network?????

cowgirl said...

Rueben.. Thanks! You are so kind.. :)
I would rather be on the outdoor network. lol

RK said...

Yeah, I heard Bobby Flay is headed your way for a Throwdown... ;D

cowgirl said...

haha Richard, that gives me just enough time to pack my pickup and head to the lake. :)
Thanks friend! :)