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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wild Grape Time

I love this time of the year....
even though it looks like I live in the middle of nowhere, there are so many little treasures to be found around the countryside, you just need to get out to find and enjoy them.

These wild grapes grow about one mile from my house... I know they will be ripe about one month after the sand hill plums start.

the vines are loaded this year... :)

the grapes are from pea to blueberry in size.

looks like I'll be having wild grape jelly this winter!

I also brought home a few more sandhill plums.. hope to gather more before the season ends...

Life's good. :)


Unknown said...

Life is indeed grand! It is amazing the bounty that is around us if we just know what to look for.

cowgirl said...

Isn't it nice Ron! I enjoy being able to use what nature provides. from morel mushrooms, fish, dove, quail.. to sandhill plums and grapes. It's great. :)
Thanks Ron! :)

Big Dude said...

Ancient peoples are often described as hunter/ gatherers - I believe you qualify :-).

cowgirl said...

Thank you Larry! That's a nice compliment. :)

Chez said...

looks great ~ i remember picking those wild grapes when i was a kid, too. good to see that you harvested some of the less ripe ones also ... that's good, because they are higher in natural pectin than ripe fruit, so your jelly/jam will set up without the addition of sure-gel, etc. btw, have you considered harvesting some of those grape leaves? dolmas come to mind....

cowgirl said...

Dang it Chez, I'm glad you mentioned the leaves. I forgot all about them. I'll check them out..see if I can find some good ones.
Thanks!! :)

Unknown said...

Yum...sounds like it's jelly & wine time! My fox grapes don't start to ripen until the middle of October

cowgirl said...

Capt. Ron, I hope to have enough to make jelly for the winter. Between these grapes, the sandhill plums, the cactus fruit and some blueberries I should have a good bit.
Hope your crop is a good one this year too! :)

Unknown said...

Chez beat me to the punch in suggesting the grape leaves for dolmas.

Where we used to live, we had a bunch of wild grapes growing on the fence around the property. For several years, a Greek lady would come by the house each spring and want to know if she could harvest the leaves for her dolmas.

Jeanie, if you are not able to use the leaves right away you can preserve them in a brine solution for later use. Here is a link that has a recipe for canning grape leaves:

As you can imagine, there are others on the web that you can access.

Good luck and happy harvesting!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

That is so awesome! Gotta love what Mother Nature provides!

cowgirl said...

Thank you so much Ron! I appreciate the link.. I'll give it a try. :)
I sorted, washed and bagged the grapes last night. Hope to get time to make the jelly soon.

Thanks! :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Apple Pie Gal! I hope to get out and gather more before the season is over. This year has been amazing.. so much rain I guess.

Mrs. JP said...

I bet those grapes will make a really full flavored jelly. Are you making wine this year? We hope to make some elderberry wine. It'll be our first try at homemade vino!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mrs JP! I'm going to make jelly first then see if I have enough for wine. I still have some sandhill plum wine from last year. lol I guess I need to get it out and celebrate. :)
Elderberry wine sounds tasty! Can't wait to hear how yours turns out.

Anonymous said...

heyyy!!!! just droppin by to say hello. i hope your summer is going great.Been doin my umm work.. boo..:)so busy i almost forgot about you...not!seriously tho its been a while since i checked in.yer blog is great as refreshing.. and music? new album on itunes tomorrow. Stick Figure-the Reprise Sessions. heard a few songs its gooooood.i was also somewhat impressed with Cindy Laupers Memphis blues album.(uhhh yes i did just say that) bit of a shocker to me but she does a decent job. worth a listen if you havent already. also maybe check out Jill Scott with the Roots Live..the song is called "you got me" on youtube..she got some serious pipes.. aaaand im going to see Crosby Stills and Nash in August!! so stoked..learned to play guitar to that when i was a kid with my dad....well be safe and happy! life is good!!!see ya :)


Mike (NYC)

cowgirl said...

Hey Mike! How are you doing? Sounds like you are keeping busy and having a great summer..that's nice!!
Thanks again for the music... I can't believer Cindy Lauper is coming out with a blues allbum. I'll check it out just cause you say it's ok. lol You haven't let me down yet!
Thanks for the heads up on the other songs, I will be sure to check them out too.

I guess I've been keeping busy this summer. I post part of what I do here on the blog, but I still don't post half of what I do around the farm...there's just not enough time.

I didn't know you played guitar too..that's great! Hope the Stills and Nash concert is a good one.

Thanks for stopping by Mike, it's always a pleasure to see you and hear what you're up to.

(((HUGS))) back atcha. :)

fshnwiz said...

Well Jeanie thanks to you I'll probably bore you to death but it is your fault. You told me how to be able to get on here.
You really do have a great natural harvest going but I'm a little surprised that when you had to harvest the snake you
didn't have him for supper. I've eaten rattler and cottonmouth and they were both really tasty. I used to be one of the great white hunter but as I aged I guess I just killed my fill and quit most hunting. I still love my fishing and in doing so I ocasionally run across a snake to eat. Well that is enough boring you for today, I'm looking foorward to your next post.


cowgirl said...

Fshnwiz.. its good to see you! Glad to see you were able to sign in. :)
You'll never bore me. lol

Thanks for stopping by!