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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BBQ Canvas Grill Covers

Internet friend Arjan from BBQ

in New Zealand has come up with a great product.... some nice looking grill covers!
I've not tried one yet but wouldn't mind seeing one of these sitting on my patio.

Here is a bit of information about the covers......

The antidote to dull and boring barbeque covers, the 2010 début range of bbqcanvas® features four twin-toned contemporary designs, from the subtle to the striking. Current designs include ‘Tuscan Olive’, ‘Shady Elm’, ‘Mad Snapper’ and Sheep’, all of which can be viewed online at BBQ
The covers combine maximum protection from the elements with an up-market aesthetic appeal – so you can add a splash of style and colour to your garden or patio.

Co-designer of bbqcanvas®, Arjan van Woensel, says: “The bbqcanvas® has already cornered a niche market in New Zealand, where it’s transforming boring covered barbeques into an attraction rather than some sort of outdoor style crime. And now we’re expanding by taking bbqcanvas® to the rest of the world, where we anticipate that this stylish and long-lasting item will be welcomed with open arms."

To ensure it meets the demands of year-round usage, bbqcanvas® combines the best of craftsmanship and functionality. The covers are manufactured with an ultra-tough, weather-tight 600 denier weave, along with piped seams and tough Velcro bindings. The bbqcanvas® provides maximum protection against the scorching sun, rising damp, falling rain and whipping winds, plus bacteria and mildew. All designs come in three sizes, to cover 3-4 burner, 4-5 burner and 5-6 burner hooded barbeques respectively.

Check out for details and online ordering.

These two designs are my favorite but there are others on the site and more designs are to be coming out next year.


Arjan also assured me about shipping from New Zealand to the US...
His grill covers are being sold through so the shipping costs will not be as high as you would expect....

"We're going to be available through Amazon (already possible to buy bbqcanvas there), we will ship from New Zealand for the moment but don't be afraid of high shipping costs: it will be a normal price for shipping, as if you were ordering in the US. So for customers there will be no difference but we will be stocking Amazon and they will fulfill the orders."

I purchased one of those black grill covers from the hardware store for my Memphis Pro.. It lasted for about one week. lol The first good wind that came through ripped a hole right in it. One of these might last longer, it looks like the material used to make these would be a lot stronger than the one I had.
If I purchase one, I'll be sure to post about it! :)

Thanks again Arjan, looks like a great product!


David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

A welcome change to the ugly black bags available here

cowgirl said...

That's what I was thinking Dave! Really looks a lot better than mine with a hole in it. lol
Hope you are having a nice week and not working too hard. :)

Unknown said...


The grill covers look really nice. They are very attractive, instead, of just being the blank canvas, as is the norm. Nice product!

BTW, I know that you like sandhill plums. Here are a couple of articles that appeared in the Wichita Eagle (Wichita, Kansas) that you might like to read? With the second article, I think we may have discovered why you have so much bounce in your personality. ~ Laughs ~


cowgirl said...

lol Ron...Thanks for the links... I do love sandhill plums. I picked more yesterday. :)
The plum bounce sounds intesting. I might have to try that!! :)

Aren't the grill covers nice? I think they would look good on any patio..