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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 2 of Deer Season

OK... I probably shouldn't have done this, but it was just too tempting.

I'm not a trophy hunter, I only shoot for the meat. The time I spend in the brush is so enjoyable, I dislike getting a deer during opening weekend.... I want to prolong the whole hunting experience. .....I do have another tag to fill, so I will be going out into the brush again soon.

While posting pictures this morning of my 1st day of deer season, a nice little 6 point buck walked past my window.
I stepped out onto my porch and shot him with my 30-30.

Dispite the looks of my photo, I did not rope the buck and hit him on the head with my shovel. :)
I actually used the rope and a come along to get him into the bed of my farm pickup.
He field dressed at 165....I'm happy, I now have a bit of venison meat for this winter, and still get to go out during the next two weeks to look for more. :)


Anonymous said...

Aw... poor bambi! lol. Just kidding. Looks like a nice one.

cowgirl said...

lol... That's not bambi! That's venison pastrami, venison jerky, summer sausage and a few smoked backstrap medallions. :)

Thanks Mike :)

Ulla said...

i am a new fan to your blog! do you have venison recipes? i love all your photos and cooking!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Cowgirl, that buck will look good on the plate(s) in the upcoming months, 'sides, if your like me the horns will continue to grow the more you tell the story.


cowgirl said...

Thank you Ulla!

I do have a few recipes posted on the right...hope you give them a try!

cowgirl said...

Thanks rdp!
Good to see ya.
I can't stretch the truth too much about how big my buck was, unless I delete that picture. lol :)