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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. :)
I've been busy this last week with deer hunting, Thanksgiving and company. My house is "deer camp" for my friends....some from Oklahoma and some up from Texas.

We had a nice time hunting heavily, eating way too much and laughing til our cheeks hurt.
Now that my friends have departed for their homes, I am enjoying the stillness of my house....but I can't wait til next year. :)


Nate said...


Could you post some photo's of the deer(s) you got? Is there a limit as to the # of deer you can get?


cowgirl said...

Sure Nate,
The only one I have so far is the buck from day 2 of deer season. Right now I am allowed a doe too. I have not got it yet.

I can post some of the deer my company ended up with though.

There is a limit on deer...I think the most you can get during rifle season is 3...but I need to check the new laws for this year to be sure.