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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deer for Nate

Nate, here are couple of pictures of deer that were harvested here this week. These were not taken by me, but by my company.
I believe these pictures are of two 8 points, one 7 and one 6.

I still have one week left to fill my last tag.


Nate said...

Thanks for putting up the pics, Cowgirl. I like how you say the deer's were "harvested". I'm sure you eat what you kill and make use of what you can, so in essence, harvested is a great description. How many tags do you get a season? Is it a lottery draw? Do you mount the heads or make use of the skins? Do you use tree stands when you hunt?

cowgirl said...

You're sure welcome Nate. :)
I get two tags a year. The deer are so thick here that you only need a hunting lisence to buy a tag. There is no lottery or drawing.
You can purchase a buck tag or a doe... I get one of each. I believe there is an extra doe season in December. The wildlife department is encouraging the taking of does to thin the numbers down a bit.
I'm a meat hunter, not a trophy hunter.
I like to save the antlers and hide. I tan the hides when I get the time.
I do not mount the heads though.

I also do not use a stand or feeders. I feel I already have the advantage by using a high powered I do not hunt deer that have been fed.
(I know many will disagree with this! lol...sorry!)
I enjoy hunting in the deer's natural setting...being able to have a deer walk up on me while I wait.
I have nothing against stands, just have not needed one.

Hope this makes sense Nate. lol! Let me know if I made this as clear as mud. :)