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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Smoked Bologna

Added note: Here is a link for another smoked bologna method that I tried at a later date...I really liked the way it came out. :)

I'm not real fond of bologna, but like it smoked or fried or both. :)
I used a 5lb chub of bologna and cut it in half to try two different recipes.

I poked holes in the bologna to help the bacon drippings and smoke penetrate into the meat.

I rubbed each with EVOO, covered one with cracked black pepper and garlic.
The second one was covered with Tony Chacheres Creole seasoning.

I covered both with bacon.

Smoked the bologna in my horizontal wood burner at 225 degrees for about 3 1/2 hours using mesquite.

Served with some fried potatoes and onions, slaw, twangy pickles and some spicy mustard.


Jen said...

Well there's a new twist to plain ol' bologna. Looks tasty! Did you like it? -Jen

cowgirl said...

Thank you Jen!
I'm not fond of bologna but it was tasty. I did another batch not long ago that I liked a whole lot better. I'll post it in the recipe section.

I do like smoked spam a lot better than the smoked bologna. :)

Jen said...


SPAM rocks! I saw how you scored and smoked the Spam. I'll bet it was delicious. Spam is so versatile. I like to eat it in the mornin' diced up, fried then mix some egg in it but you can put whatever you want in it. You can eat it wif tortilla or bread or biscuits. If you like cheese, you can top it off wif cheese. I personally like a side of pork n' beans with it.

cowgirl said...

Jen, that sounds tasty!!
I've not eaten much spam..but have recently been smoking a lot of it.

It's pretty good stuff! :)

Tropical Storm Eddie said...

Hi Cowgirl,

I love your blog. I have visited several times and never have left you a comment. Your blog is one of my favorites if not my favorite. I am a BBQ judge in the South Carolina BBQ Association and was on a BBQ team on the Memphis in May Competition. I love your posts. Keep up the good work. I will be back soon.

Eddie Medlin

cowgirl said...

Eddie Thank you so much for the nice comment! It's nice to meet you. :)
I appreciate you stopping by my blog too.
It sounds like you lead an interesting life. Judging Q would be a dream job. :)
Congratulations on going to MIM too. I know only the best compete there.
Thanks so much for posting!

Tropical Storm Eddie said...


It's me again. I told you I would be back. Still judging BBQ. Big competition in Kingstree,SC. this weekend. Sixty (60) teams this weekend. Whole hog competition. I like your recipe for smoked bologna. I think I will try it soon. Hope you have a great weekend.

cowgirl said...

Good to see you Eddie! Glad to hear all is going well. Your weekend sounds great. Judging a whole hog cook would be something I'd enjoy.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you have a nice weekend too.

OklahomaDave said...

I love smoked bologna (poor mans steak)
I never thought of wrapped bacon!
I'm going to try that this weekend.
I am enjoying your blogs cowgirl, thank you.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Dave! I appreciate you stopping by my blog.
I hope the bologna turns out well for you!
Nice to meet you. :)