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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Horizontal Wood Burner

My 7' homemade horizontal smoker.
It was a gift 16 years ago and I have been very happy with it. :)

More pics.... Horizontal Wood Burner


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog and really enjoy your style of writing.

Your horizontal wood smoker looks very similar to a smoker I am currently making out of a pair of old honey drums - but your's has a greater capacity.

How do you find it for usefulness, long burning, etc?



cowgirl said...

Hi Bill and Thank you! :)

I really like my's old and not very pretty, but it works well. :)

It's made from 1/4" thick pipe... I keep the fire low and check it about every hour to hour and 15 minutes.

I like to smoke from 215 to 325 in it most of the time...depending on what I'm smoking.

I'd love to see pictures of your smoker when you get it finished.

Thanks for the message. Nice to meet you. :)

Arthur219 said...

Hi Cowgirl,

You have a great site here good writing style! Keep it up.

I'm looking for plans to build a horizontal smoker which I could also use for a grill and yours looks like what I need and it sounds like you're happy with it.

Do you have a seperate smoker box or do you just bank the coals to one side?

Thank you,


cowgirl said...

Hi Art, Thank you!

I really do like the thing. On the right side is a 2' firebox, it doesn't show well in the picture. The smoking chamber is 5'.

There are two grates inside. I usually place the food on the top grate while smoking with the side firebox. When doing a large pig, I remove the top grate and set the pig on the lower one.

I can use it for grilling. I use the lower grate to hold the coals, and place the food on the top one. You can use it with direct heat or indirect. either way works great.

The grates are made from expanded metal with some metal strips tacked on to keep it from warping.

There is a baffle in between my firebox and the smoking/cooking chamber. I can adjust it as needed. There is also an air inlet in the end of the firebox to regulate the heat and temperature.

It's made from two pieces of pipe.

I do really like the thing, It has so much cooking space.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Also I'd like to see your cooker when you get it built. :)

Thanks again!


glenn said...

I was wondering how big around the pipe is

cowgirl said...

Hi Glen,
the firebox is made from 18" pipe and the cooking chamber is 20". It will hold a 75lb pig if it's not butterflied.
The thing is old and heavy but I it works great.
Thanks for stopping by!