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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to fix a busted barbed wire fence with baling wire and fencing pliers

This is a quick fix mend....just a way to patch the fence when you've left your comealongs at home and don't have extra barbed wire in your pickup. (I know... lol)

The third strand is in need of a patch..

It's hard to pull the two pieces of barbed wire back together without comealongs.

If you make a loop on the end of each wire....then fill the gap with a strand of baling wire...then use the fencing pliers to pull everything tight. It's a quick mend.

How does the old saying go? "It's better than cutting a section of barbed wire out of your neighbor's fence.".. ( I would never do that btw!)

I had dreams of grass fires last night. (and fishing :)) It must be that time of the year. The wind howled at 40mph today with gusts to 60. Fires have been on my mind for several days.

The smoke in the distance makes me nervous. One cigarette from a car window along the highway can burn thousands of acres...

Hope it rains soon. :)


Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

That barbed wire thing is a saying? Never heard it, what's it mean?

cowgirl said...

lol Drew.. it really means what it says. You don't want to cut a section of barbed wire out of your neighbor's fence to mend yours.
You might get shot! Same thing with sawing off the tops of your neighbor's fence posts to use as fire wood. :) (not many trees here)

Mrs. JP said...

I know what you mean! Barbed wire doesn't cooperate unless forced. I like your patch - it's almost an art form!
I imagine a fire, out where you are, could spread quickly. That smoke looks far away but one gust of wind in the wrong direction,,yikes.
We'll pray for you to have spring rains!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mrs JP! I can tell you've worked with barbed wire too. :)
Thanks for the prayers too. Hopefully it will rain soon.
Hope you and family are having a nice spring so far!

Anonymous said...

Better keep those pigs out of the ground, then, Jeannie;-).

Your traditional pits wouldn't go down well here either, we have peat for soil, so it is soaked, and when it isn't you run the risk of an underground fire spreading.

Neighbours had the firedepartment out for a spontaneous underground fire a few years ago. The firemen even had to return, after they extinguished the fire by soaking the soil, as the fire restarted after they left, or it was never fully extinguished, tricky business indeed.



cowgirl said...

Good advice about the pigs, Thanks Donald! :)
Your underground fires sound scary! Definately tricky to deal with I bet!
Thanks for stopping by, it's good to see you.

LindaG said...

We're under advisory for fire here, too.
And lots of wind today.
And they just put out a forest fire at one of the nearby Marine bases.

Take care and stay safe! Hope you get your rain!

Jim Dorchak said...

Is that "Red Barb" little wire you are using on split locust posts? If so you are going to need the long staples instead of the short-uns. That locust gets hard real fast, but when you take a fence down it burns really hot.

Are you sewed in Coastal Bermuda? If so a good fire can make it grow fast and green. You may need to move the cows to a pen.

Jim Dorchak

Kevin L. said...

I'll add rain for ya to my daily prayers.
Bro-in-law and I were cussing (sorry, meant discussing) the fact that we already have cracks in the ground and it's the first week of April, not a good sign...
Then we got some much needed rain over night! Not enough but it's a start.
Might start discussing the need for rain with your in/out laws see if it works for you.

God Bless, K

cowgirl said...

Shoot Linda, that sounds bad! Hope you stay safe too!

cowgirl said...

Hi Jim!
It's ancient barbed wire on osage orange posts. (hedge) they are just about a drop of sap left in them. I know what you mean, I use the old posts for cooks, especially underground pig cooks.

There is a grass mix... most of it is buffalo.
It would be nice to do a burn but I wouldn't have a place to go with the cattle.. not anything large enough to hold them until the new grass sprouted.
Thanks Jim!! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Kevin, Thanks for the advice and the prayers. I hope you get a nice bit of rain too. :)

Rueben said...

Cowgirl, I am a firefighter and that ain't no BBQ smoke on the horizon.

What did that smoke turn out to be?

cowgirl said...

Rueben it was a grass fire. Things are pretty dry around here right now and the darned wind was blowing
39mph with gusts to 60.
I'm sure you know how hard it is to stop a blaze like that.
Thank you for your service as a firefighter. I hope your friends and neighbors appreciate all you do for them!
Thanks Rueben. :)

Rueben said...

Wow. With wind like that I know that was a fast mover.

I know we are appreciated. I can tell by the looks on people's faces when we take care of their emergencies.

And that is what keeps us going. That service.

Thanks for your kind words Cowgirl.

cowgirl said...

Rueben I'm glad to hear they appreciate you!
That was an awesome meal you made for your Queen! You are so thoughtful...
Thanks Rueben. :)

Anonymous said...

Drooooool I think I would attempt to jump that barb wire in my birthday suit to get to them ribs!!

cowgirl said...

lol Kinky Kitchen! Thanks for the laugh. :)